The original Chartists became a mass movement to make 'government' more transparent and accountable to the people. Started in 1836, Chartism lasted until around 1848. The movement got its name from the formal petition, or People’s Charter, it drew up which listed six main Requirements. These were:

1. A vote for all men over 21

2. The secret ballot

3. No property qualification to become an MP

4. Payment for MPs

5. Electoral districts of equal numerical size

6. Annual elections for Parliament

By the imposed ‘democratic’ standards of the day, these were indeed radical proposals and it’s hardly surprising that the powerful and vested interests of the Establishment eventually overcame and dispersed the Chartists and so maintained the status quo.

Our Six Requirements

Today, as the New Chartists – the ‘Chartist’ part now refers to the 1215 Great Charter (Magna Carta) – we, too, have a list of six Requirements and because we are exposing proven and current High Treason and appalling financial fraud within Parliament, the Judiciary and the City of London – not to mention the small matter that we also represent 99% of the people - we will not be overcome or dispersed until the job is done.  We are going nowhere until all the injustice, hardship and suffering stops!


Our six Requirements are:

1. The restoration of the absolute supremacy of our ancient Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution

This will be done by re-affirming the pre-eminence of the 1215 Great Charter (Magna Carta), along with the absolute right of a randomly selected Jury to annul bad and flawed legislation (Acts and Statutes) passed by Parliament thus confirming that we, the people, are always sovereign and not our politicians. Indeed, as evidence mounts up that our elected servants in Parliament actually prefer to support the vested (and criminal) interests of the elitist ‘one per cent’ in the City of London rather than looking after our interests, then, as Chartists, we are seriously beginning to question the actual need for politicians and corporate political parties. As the real truth about everything becomes known, it is becoming clear how necessary it is for us to enjoy a more accountable, transparent and effective system of governance that actually involves the ordinary decent people of our country rather than career-driven, self-seeking individuals who only seem happy when they have some sort of power over us?  This could involve Juries and Grand Juries working with the Civil Service, perhaps. One thing is for certain, the time has come for all of us, the 99%, to take back control of our lives peacefully and determinedly, and to insist that the mass media now starts to report the proven truth about what’s really happening rather than perpetuating and furthering the gross lies and deception needed to maintain the status and power of the City of London and the global financial elitists.

2. An immediate and outright end to all forms of Austerity, Poverty and Debt Misery

This will be done by reinstating the common sense fiscal process known as Sovereign National Credit whereby HM Treasury creates and issues all the money needed to finance our nation’s needs, security and prosperity.  This is done by creating debt-free and interest-free money that is based entirely on the wealth and labour potential (creativity) of our country. This will involve restoring the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound which prevented a financial collapse at the outbreak of the First World War. To support this, the Chartists will be making a full exposure of the fraudulent activities of the Bank for International Settlements and its debt-creating central banking system, which includes the Bank of England.  The restoration of Sovereign National Credit will also lead to an end to all forms of Direct Taxation (including Income Tax and Council Tax) whilst guaranteeing a permanent and adequate funding arrangement for the NHS and Social Welfare thus ensuring the long-term and unstinting care of the vulnerable and elderly in our society.

3. The protection of all our Children from all forms of dreadful abuse

This will be done by calling for the immediate abolition of the unlawful, secretive and corrupt Family Courts; by insisting that the Police Service be properly committed and resourced to bring to justice the organised paedophile rings within our communities; and by setting up new and properly run public inquiries (using randomly selected Grand Juries of ordinary people) to investigate thoroughly, without fear or favour, the alleged abuse of children by people in positions of trust and authority, some of whom, it is alleged, are holding, or have held, positions at the very highest levels of government.

4. The safeguarding of our Defence and our Police Constabularies from agenda-driven cutbacks and interference

This will be done by harnessing Sovereign National Credit (the Bradbury Pound) to finance and resource properly the Royal Navy, the Army and the Royal Air Force to the levels needed to safeguard fully our nation's security and sovereignty; whilst at the same time funding and resourcing the Police Service nationwide to put in place the community policing needed to eradicate crime off our streets. There will also be an immediate cessation of the treasonous process to unify our already deliberately depleted Armed Services with those of the European Union. In addition, the continuing process to corporatise and militarise our Police Service, including giving private security firms the power of arrest, will be reversed. In future, our Police and Armed Services will only serve us, the people and not the 'one per cent' Deep State and their pursuit of unlawful wars.

5. The shutting down of the corporate Roman Civil Legislative/Regulatory System that unlawfully controls all of us by fraud, deception and entrapment

This will be done by alerting everyone to the alien and parallel legislative/regulatory system that appears to have evolved around the setting up of Cestui Que Vie Trusts and the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) which sees ‘Legal Fictions’ or ‘Strawmen’ created when our parents are compelled to register a birth and so receive a ‘Birth Certificate’ for their new-born. This 'legal', but definitely not lawful system of deception and entrapment (which uses the deliberate and unfathomable language of ‘legalese’) is where you find that our 'Courts' of supposed Justice are actually listed by Dun and Bradstreet as corporations thus confirming that they are actually places of business and not justice. Under this system of Maritime ‘law’ / UCC, you are considered guilty until proved innocent and politically approved judges decide your fate rather than juries of randomly selected people. Using treason, stealth, deception and entrapment, this alien and parallel legislative system is transplanting our supreme and ancient Common Law Trial by Jury system of justice as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter. We will see the end of the treasonous acquiescence of the Judiciary, especially those ‘judges’ belonging to the so-called and completely bogus ‘Supreme Court’ that are being used to undertake provably fraudulent bankruptcies and bring about large-scale money-laundering.

6. The assurance that Science always serves and benefits all of humanity whilst protecting the natural well-being of our planet

This will be done by fully reining in the increasing dangers of invasive surveillance and monitoring technologies, along with the growing risks involving Artificial Intelligence, Transhumanism and Geoengineering, so that we, the people, are always fully in control. As regards our health, there must be a real move away from profit-seeking ‘Big Pharma’ towards more natural and energy-based treatments, cures and food production. There must also be an immediate end to experimentation on people who have not given their consent, not to mention all animals. And, as regards our energy needs, humanity is on the verge of achieving the ‘free energy’ technologies originally envisaged by that great inventor Nikola Tesla. Science must now truly be used to protect the planet and all of its varied species and ecosystems along with improving the health and happiness of all of its peoples. This includes the ending of all fracking, GM crops and the rolling out of the extremely dangerous 5G microwave technology.

The Winchester Declaration

All of the above Requirements are covered by the 2016 Winchester Declaration which was unanimously agreed upon on November 17th 2016 at a specially convened and very well attended meeting of the British Constitution Group at the Winchester Guildhall. The Winchester Declaration calls for Parliament to accept and pass the Restoration Amendment that would meet and satisfy all of the above Requirements and thus completely restore the Rule of Law and Financial Sovereignty to our country.

In view of the provable treason, the outright fraud, the deception and the entrapment currently being practised by our elected servants in Parliament - not to mention also by senior members of the Judiciary and by high level corporate leaders - common sense, and indeed the Common Law, now dictates that the prime-minister and her cabinet should resign and Parliament should be immediately dissolved so that a new General Election can be called.

It’s imperative that a new parliament and government should only be voted in once the electorate is fully armed with the complete truth about how we have all been deceived on a truly massive scale by the political class right across the political spectrum. It must also be said here that the significance has not been lost on some constitutional observers that this current Parliament was opened by the 'Queen' not wearing her crown and regalia of office – something she has not done since 1974.

We, at the BCG and the New Chartist Movement, fully understand that there are currently many other areas of public concern that relate to health issues, climate change, fracking, the destruction of ecosystems and terrorism.   We are also aware of advanced research going on into Nikola Tesla style ‘free energy’ devices and that when it comes to safe, clean and infinite energy creation, the world, technologically speaking, is on the verge of a major breakthrough. It is our belief, backed up by whistle-blowers and ‘insiders’, that if our six Requirements are met, then the very powerful criminal ‘hidden influence’, that only prospers because of our combined ignorance and apathy, will collapse. Once their Achilles Heel is fully exposed – that is their unlawful control over the world’s money supply through their privately run central banking system led by the Bank for International Settlements – then their appalling influence on the world will cease completely.  Game over! Without the ability to control how much, or, more accurately, how little money the world has to spend, they’re finished… and they know it!

The Winchester Declaration