New Chartist Movement goes on the offensive

FAO The Rt. Hon. Nicky Morgan MP – Chair of the Treasury Select Committee.

This email contains two separate letters.  The first letter is written by the New Chartist Movement campaign team in response to the email from Peter Stam.

The second is a personal message from Justin Walker, the campaign coordinator for the British Constitution Group and New Chartist Movement.

Letter 1

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Dear Mrs Morgan,

It goes without saying that we were deeply disappointed you couldn’t extend to us the simple courtesy of a prompt and personal reply to our letter of January 3rd (please see attached).  But putting aside the courtesy aspect, we feel that we are honour bound to point out once again that you are an elected public servant and it ill behoves you to delegate a civil servant to respond when it is clearly your public duty to do so.  If you believe that we’re wrong here, please elucidate. 

In the great pecking order of Parliament…and pay grade…you personally should have replied, especially when the subject matter in our letter is evidence-based and is of such enormous strategic importance for the future well-being of the entire British nation.  It’s now quite apparent that the senior echelons within the Westminster 'bubble' ultimately have nothing but contempt for the ordinary and decent people of this country, and we’re afraid to say that your complete lack of a personal and considered response to our letter clearly illustrates this point.  We don’t think you realise just how serious and dangerous the situation is that’s currently developing for Parliament now that the proven facts about money creation and money supply are starting to emerge from the nation’s deep waters of ignorance and apathy.

When those ordinary and decent people begin to understand the appalling fiscal wrongdoing that’s (deliberately?) being allowed to take place unchallenged by our elected political servants; when they realise that there is absolutely no need at all for austerity and for the distress and misery of cutbacks to our essential public services; and when they realise that there is absolutely no need for any form of complex or invasive Direct Taxation including Income Tax and Council Tax, all political hell will break loose.    The people already have an extremely low opinion of politicians - the memories of a certain ornate floating duck house and the clearing of a certain moat are still relatively fresh in people’s minds. 

When this proven and seemingly suppressed truth about money creation and money supply eventually becomes mainstream, do not be surprised when the British electorate seeks remedy and justice not only at the ballot box but also through our Common Law Trial by Jury courts – the charge of Malfeasance in Public Office would appear to be appropriate here for those who deliberately and knowingly serve the vested interests of the extremely wealthy and controlling ‘one per cent’ whilst creating deliberate obfuscation, hardship, stress and suffering for everyone else.  In case you need reminding, the definition of Malfeasance in Public Office given by the Crown Prosecution Service is: “a public officer acting as such wilfully neglects to perform his duty and/or wilfully misconducts himself to such a degree as to amount to an abuse of the public's trust in the office holder without reasonable excuse or justification”.

So, with all this in mind, your tardy and very unhelpful response through Peter Stam can only really be viewed as a deliberate fob off to rid yourself of a troublesome and potentially embarrassing letter.  And let’s be honest, it can hardly be called ‘your’ response as we don’t believe there was any input at all from you in his initial email to Justin Walker.  The trouble is that Peter, as Second Clerk to your committee, has absolutely no idea whatsoever about the overwhelming importance and strategic significance of the ‘so-called’ Bradbury Pound, or, as the Treasury knows it, M0 at 100%.  But, most importantly, it’s not within his pay grade or civil service remit to pass on any sort of meaningful opinion one way or another.   

In his initial email to Justin, Peter clearly didn’t understand why we used the word ‘require’ instead of the word he would probably have expected, and that is ‘request’.  We also said that you and your committee have absolutely no choice in this matter, and we stand by that statement knowing as we do the full ramifications and requirements of our ancient Trial by Jury Common Law, the Law of the Land.

Back in the Summer of last year during the General Election campaign, in front of witnesses, Justin asked his own MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, if we lived in a Common Law country.  Her response was alarming.  “Errr, not sure…sorry…errr, what do you mean by that?”  The small matter concerning the supreme and binding 1215 Great Charter, Magna Carta, seems to have escaped her.  Perhaps she needs to be reminded that we actually live in a country where you are considered innocent until proved guilty; where, as confirmed by Article 39 of the Great Charter, you have to be judged by your randomly selected peers – a jury in other words; a country where you have the immediate right to the due process of law (Habeas Corpus); where we do not have politically appointed judges; and where we do not tolerate Usury in any shape or form.

In addition, the Common Law is all about the active pursuit of the truth.  It is all about common sense and common decency.  And it is all about we, the people, having the final say over our politicians in Parliament. That’s right!  We, the people, through a jury of randomly selected people in a Common Law court, also have the absolute right to annul bad or unjust legislation passed by politicians.  If you believe otherwise, we look forward to your detailed missive to prove this crucial fact wrong!  Contrary to what we are now being told after the Gina Miller case, we, the people, are sovereign and not Parliament.  Your Statutes and Acts are NOT actually laws but are rules of society.  And, as we’ve pointed out before, all of you in Parliament are servants to the people of this country and you must behave and act as such at all times.

All of us living in this country, regardless of rank and position, are equal under the Law and are bound by the Rule of Law, that is by the Rule of our ancient Trial by Jury Common Law (and not by Roman Civil Law which is prevalent in Europe and which some of our politicians, especially those who were or are corporate lawyers, appear to confuse with our own Common Law).  And, as such, we are all REQUIRED by Law to seek out the truth at all times.  And when people have discovered, or are made aware of (as in your case), what is clearly the proven truth, then that proven truth is REQUIRED by Law to have a public hearing so that everyone has the opportunity to hear this truth.  Is there anything here you disagree with so far?  Do you agree that the truth by Law MUST be heard?

So now we come onto the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound itself and the truth about money creation and money supply – the truth that you appear very reluctant to have made public through your Treasury Select Committee.   Let us remind you once again of the salient facts.

You and your colleagues in Parliament should be well aware that a sovereign nation, such as ours, has the absolute right to create, issue and control, through its treasury, all the money that is needed to provide adequately for that nation’s well-being, security and prosperity – money that is both debt-free and interest-free as it is based entirely on the wealth, assets and creativity (labour potential) of that nation. This money is then spent on the nation’s essential needs and infrastructure thus creating demand and stimulating the economy.

The restoration of the Bradbury Pound or Treasury M0 at 100% (also known as Sovereign National Credit amongst campaigners for money reform) will ensure and secure the necessary and permanent funding required for the needs of our NHS; for social welfare to look after our elderly and vulnerable; for our armed services to protect our freedoms and sovereignty; for our police to fully restore proper community policing; for abolishing tuition fees and writing off students’ debts; for bringing back our shipyards and protecting our strategic industries; and for fully resourcing our vital infrastructure needs such as the railways and power stations.  It will also completely remove the necessity for having any form of complex and invasive direct taxation, including Income Tax and Council Tax. 

This common-sense and lawful approach to money creation that will lead to a truly prosperous economy cannot happen when the private financiers and central banks become involved.  Banks issue money that is created completely out of thin air as debt – it is not backed up by anything of value and is merely an exercise in ledger filling as confirmed by the Bank of England in their Quarterly Bulletin Q1 of Spring 2014 - “Whenever a bank makes a loan, it simultaneously creates a matching deposit in the borrowers account, thereby creating new money”  They then lend at interest to borrowers which means that more has to be paid back than was lent thus keeping the supply of money tight and keeping both workers and the government in continuous debt.

The lawful and democratic process to end this madness and criminality must now begin and it is the Treasury Select Committee that is obligated to alert the British public to this absolute and proven truth about money creation and money supply.  Indeed, to confirm this madness and criminality, it has now been discovered by researchers that the Governor of the Bank of England, Montagu Norman, and Hitler’s finance minister, Hjalmar Schacht, actually met secretly on more than one occasion at the privately-run Bank for International Settlements in Switzerland during the Second World War.  This is the same Bank for International Settlements that has given itself full diplomatic immunity; that currently controls sixty of the world’s central banks, including the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve; and which unlawfully oversees over 95% of the world’s money supply.  And hardly anyone in Britain, including many of our MPs, knows anything about this highly secretive, unaccountable and privately-run debt-creating organisation. The whole situation is now quite appalling and must be fully exposed by yourselves!

We now require a response within one week of this email stating the time, date and location where a live televised meeting between the Treasury Select Committee and ourselves will take place to discuss the immediate and emergency restoration of Treasury M0 at 100% by restoring the Bradbury Pound so as to avoid any further hardship and suffering by the British people at the hands of the private, debt-creating bankers.

Yours sincerely, 

Sandi Adams, Eddy Alder, Carole Bragg, Max Cann, Tom Crawford, Michael Dunn, Brian Gerrish, Sukh Singh Gidda, William Keyte, Ken Palmerton, David Pidcock, Adrian Price, Michelle Young.  

Campaign Team for the New Chartist Movement. 

Letter 2

Wednesday 21st February 2018

Dear Mrs Morgan,

My late uncle by marriage was Sir Harry, later The Lord Pilkington.  He was an ‘insider’ and a leading figure within the proverbial and controlling ‘one per cent’ – in 1954, he attended the first ever Bilderberg Group meeting at the Hotel Bilderberg in Holland representing British industry.  A year later he became a Director of the Bank of England, a position he held until 1972.  He told me a lot about central banking but I was far too young to take it all in properly.  However, in September 2012, it was another BoE Director, who had worked with my uncle, who told me through his son that if the country wanted to “sort out all of its economic woes”, then it must immediately restore the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound.   Since then we have received other messages from proven ‘insiders’ – the latest being just three months ago when I was told in no uncertain terms that if we started a mass movement based on the completely proven truth about money creation and money supply, then they would make their move within the City of London “to get things going well and truly”.

Another relative of mine, albeit quite distant, was Lieutenant-General Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart VC ( who I was introduced to at the tender age of five just two years before he died.  In later life, my father told me that the old warrior had said to me “always obey your father, always serve your country and never ever give up whatever the odds against you”.  In other words, I have my own personal inspiration to always go fearlessly where the undeniable truth takes me; to do what is right and decent for my country; and to never ever give up whatever the odds and threats.  And the good news is that the mass movement that is so badly needed to get the truth out is starting to gain traction (  None of us involved are going to give up until the job is completely done, especially as constitutional experts have confirmed the absolute lawfulness of what we are ‘requiring’ from you and our other elected servants in Parliament.

So, with all of this in mind, we trust that you, too, will now do what is right and decent and act on the overwhelming evidence that we are putting before you.  And it might help you with your decision if you first watch this eye-opening video from yet another ‘insider’ who we are now in contact with  His testimony is not only extremely powerful, but it also confirms the appalling abuse of children which is ultimately used to control and blackmail the high-level puppets or ‘useful idiots’ who knowingly maintain this utterly immoral and evil – and that is the right word to use – economic and financial debt-based system that’s centred largely on the City of London.  And on the subject of high-level and ritualistic child abuse, may I suggest very strongly that you watch this new video of a whistleblowing Detective Constable in the Metropolitan Police whilst also investigating the appalling ongoing case of Melanie Shaw and what she has had to endure as a victim of appalling abuse by the Establishment

To be very succinct, in your position as Chair of the Treasury Select Committee, you are currently not only allowing an appalling and criminal mind-set to prosper by permitting the imposition of a completely unlawful and debt-based feudal system upon the world, but you are also holding back and damaging the very prosperity and future happiness of our country as a whole.  I’m sure that I don’t have to remind you that under our ancient and supreme Common Law, public servants, who knowingly and deliberately ignore sound evidence when given it and who then, when in a position to be able to do something about it, refuse to do so, this actually makes them complicit with what’s going on and renders them liable to prosecution and to the due process of Law.

The British people deserve and demand the truth about money creation and money supply and it is now beholden upon you to begin this process immediately.  I trust you will now do what is required of you and arrange for a live televised meeting to take place very soon to discuss the restoration of Treasury M0 at 100%.

There are no conspiracy theories here, just hard and proven facts which need to be put before the British people.  We are now, quite literally, in a battle of Good versus Evil, of the 99% versus the 1%, and there’s only a razor blade between the two sides – in other words, there is quite definitely no wall for politicians to sit on and no grey area within which to prevaricate.  My simple question to you is this - which side are you on?

With kind regards,

Justin Walker