17 Mar


The Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) announces


The situation we all find ourselves in is now becoming extremely serious.

  • We have a quite deliberate DNA genetically-manipulating so-called ‘vaccine’ programme being rolled out on to an unsuspecting general public, sometimes with fatal results. 
  • We have our government and rogue elements of our armed services carrying out an immense propaganda attack on the British people using applied behavioural psychology.
  • We have our police out of control, regularly committing acts of violence against innocent law-abiding people whilst unlawfully attempting to enforce draconian rules and regulations. 
  • We have academics, doctors and scientists who prefer to pursue and participate in bad and harmful science for corporate and/or personal financial gain.
  • We have the roll-out of the dangerous and invasive technologies required, such as 5G, to create the high-tech SMART towns and cities that will monitor and control the lives of people 24/7 in their homes, streets and workplaces.
  • We have the mainstream media and ‘giant tech’ social media deliberately censoring and clamping down on all those academics, scientists and whistle-blowers who are trying to warn the people.
  • We have a Parliament where our elected servants have collectively and wilfully chosen to refuse to question the overwhelming evidence of the mounting global tyranny being assembled.   
  • We have judges and a legal profession that have unlawfully turned their backs on our Common Law, resulting in courts becoming places of business and not justice. 
  • And we have a debt-creating and usury-based central banking and financial system that is criminal to its very core, creating untold misery and deprivation to almost the entire world.

The time has come for a ‘People’s Strategy’ peacefully and effectively to put an end to this future nightmare and to this madness. Plans for this ‘Great Reset’, which will be the catalyst to ensnare the world into accepting a global ‘technocracy’, are well advanced. Your lives and your livelihoods will become totally dependent upon handouts from the heavily controlled State, just as you see today in modern-day China. It is also where eugenics and the science of trans-humanism will be practised, as will ‘humane euthanasia’ as old age is considered to be a burden upon the State.   Please take some time to read and research this ‘People’s Strategy’ and then to start campaigning in your local community to alert people quickly to what’s happening and to shock them into determined non-compliance and non-violent resistance. We are the 99.9%!

Thank you,

The Hardwick Team