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  • The New Chartists are fully inclusive to all people who adhere to the essential principles of the Common Law.
  • We do not give our endorsement or support to any one political party, nor do we position ourselves on any part of the contrived political spectrum.
  • We believe in the essential values of fairness, justice, common sense, integrity, compassion and service.
  • We also believe, that with the full restoration of our Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution and the fiscal principle of Sovereign National Credit, we will see a fairer, less stressed, less angry and much happier society where honesty, good manners, mutual respect and common decency become the norm and where we, the electorate, will start to get the truth, openness and transparency, and not lies, deception and deliberate entrapment, from our elected servants.
  • We are a peaceful but determined movement that will only campaign where the truth takes us and always within the parameters laid down by our ancient Law of the Land, the Common Law.