Awkward Silence from the Treasury Select Committee?

Dear Mrs Morgan,

It is now one week on and we have not received a personal reply from yourself to the two letters below.  We must respectfully remind you again that you are duty bound, as an elected public servant, to immediately respond in detail and to meet our requirement for a live televised meeting with yourself and your Treasury Select Committee to discuss the lawful and imminent return of the fiscal policy known as Treasury M0 at 100%.  This would involve the immediate and common sense restoration of the Treasury-issued 1914 Bradbury Pound in order to end austerity and to protect all our public services and strategic industries, not to mention ending the need for any form of direct taxation. 

We now await your response,

Yours sincerely, 

Sandi Adams, Eddy Alder, Carole Bragg, Max Cann, Tom Crawford, Michael Dunn, Brian Gerrish, Sukh Singh Gidda, William Keyte, Ken Palmerton, David Pidcock, Adrian Price, Justin Walker, Michelle Young.  

Campaign Team for the New Chartist Movement