Many people are now awake to the lies and deceptions in our society;

but not nearly enough yet.

We, at the New Chartist Movement, don’t think we have that long before it will be too late. So if the general public do not get off their back-sides we’ll be in a state of tyranny before you know it. Some are arguing we’re already there in many respects.

That all sounds a bit negative and we’re not meaning to be - we’re just being realistic: there’s a difference.

Nevertheless, we have a lot to be excited about too: we are moving in the right direction and we think we’re getting close to a tipping point.

BUT… and it’s a big but. Many are still falling for the traps and deceptions. Unless people start being a little more savvy, we’re going to end up right back where we started

Enough is Enough

We've had enough of our corrupt courts that are nothing more than places of business and there to make money

We've had enough of your sick meddling with children

We're tired of your regime changes in other countries that cause total destruction of ordinary people's lives whilst gaining you power and money - and then lying to us about it

And frankly you can take your fake fractional reserve toilet paper and shove it where the sun doesn't shine

The New Chartist Movement is already...

  • Waking people up in very large numbers to these deceptions
  • Putting forward very real, tried-and-tested solutions that will get us back on track

Don’t believe us? Read on, and you’ll see why and how that is. But before you do proceed, be aware that we don’t like

  1. Party politics - as that will get us nowhere
  2. Ego-driven ‘leaders’ - so we’re not a hierarchical organisation in which people can be picked-off or targeted
  3. Divide and Rule tactics of the deep-state - we’re all about bringing people together: not separating people and alienating people

What we are about is Fairness and Justice - and we stand for the the principles of Common Law and Natural Justice.

The New Chartist Movement - what is it??

The New Chartist Movement is really an umbrella campaign for the community of people who are connected with, or loosely associated with, the British Constitution Group and the UK Column.

So who are the BCG and UK-Column?

The British Constitution Group is made up of a number of people, who, over the years, have awoken to the truth that not only are we being lied-to on a vast scale but that the political establishment have fundamnetally subverted the Rule of Law in the UK and the Constitutional arrangements under which this country is supposed to be functioning.

The UK-Column is an extremely successful alternative media source that came out of a local Devon-based group originally called the 'Devenport Column' fighting corruption in their area. Starting out by printing the truth about these local issues in January 2006, the readership grew fast and wide until they were producing online content, ebooks, documentaries and live weekday news programmes. They are a small group of volunteers.

What is the New Chartist movement wanting to achieve?

It is vitally important that anyone new to the NewChartistMovement, reads our 6 Requirements here. But before you do, here is a simple, quick version of those Requiements and what we're about:

1. We require the British Constitution and the 'The Rule of Law' to be put back in place as it really should be

The British Constitution - is real, by the way, and even written! This is often contrary to what our un-trustworthy poitical class and legal professionals will tell you. It is also the most powerful tool the ordinary people have ever had for holding the government to account and keep it subservient to the people.

2. An immediate end to Austerity, Poverty and Debt-misery - because it's actually not necessary whatever they may tell you!

Learn about the little-known and already tried-and-tested mechanism of Sovereign National Credit (Bradbury Pound). The government is supposed to be generating the money that the country uses itself - but they don't. Instead, the powerful people in government give that job to their chums in the Private Central Banks (Bank of England in our case). They also allow these chums of theirs to charge us on the usage of that money - when it's meant to be ours as a tool of exchange. That is the reason why it appears our country doesn't have enough wealth - when, in fact, we would be prospering.

3. The immediate protection of the nation's children from Child Traffickers and Abusers

This is not a secret anynmore - and hasn't for along time. We are aware that child traficking, sexual abuse and even ritual murder is happening on a massive scale and much of it, we believe, is being perpertrated by powerful people in the establishment. We require not only an end to this but that it is thoroughly and properly investigated by randomly-selected Grand Juries. We cannot have powerful people supposedly 'investigating themsleves'.

4. No more cut-backs of our armed-services and Police

Once you understand the scam behind money (See requirement 2), you'll understand that constant cut-backs to our Police and Defence is not necessary because what happened in  We also require the immediate end to the on-going process of unifying our military with those of the European Union. Many people are still unaware that this is an accelerating process despite the 'leave' vote in the referrendum.

5. An immediate end to the current statutory system of 'law' that is secretly functioning as contracts under UCC

For those unaware of this, this is a deep rabbit hole. The regulatory system we have now functioning in this country is unlawful and functions under a foreign jurisdiction. Most people appear to be almost totally unaware of the corrupt nature of our court system

6. Science must always serve the benefits of all of humanity whilst protecting the natural well-being of our planet

The ever-increasing surveillance and tracking of people; accademia's unfettered enthusiasm for artificial intelligence, Transhumanism and Geo-Engineering and ever-increasing uses of Microwave Radiation for Communication has got to be brought to a stop. Profit-seeking 'Big-Pharma' as a replacement for true health is unacceptable and the adoption of GM foods by Big Agriculture must be stopped. 

What is the New Chartist Movement Not about

We're not a political Party - nor do we ever wish to become one!

The Deep State / 'Powers that were' have been very good at entrapment, deception, false flag operations and Psyops. (What on earth are all those?!) Basically:

The manipilation of public perception in order to gain and consolidate their own power.

They've created the political party system to limit us in our power because we have to fragment ourselves as the people rather than focus on our common desires. The voters get broken-down into ever smaller groups causing us to compete against each other.

So, we at the New Chartist Movement favour a mass, grassroots movement in which we simply spread the word about the lies and deception that have been perpetrated on us and the news of our Six Requirements as remedies for our situation. Once the sheer numbers of people with this knowledge reach a critical point (and we think we're quite close), we'll start to gain back our power as people.

They will really struggle to keep what they've done secret.

We're not wanting leaders - We're keeping our movement flat in structure 

As with the previous point, we don't want to become a hierarchical group - because that makes us vulnerable to attack. Yes, there are some volunteers who have pulled this all together but we're not 'above anyone' in the hierarchy. There is a loose group of us who are keeping things moving but that's getting bigger and wider all the time. We're also not about ego-driven personalities. We don't want to be 'leaders'. Like you, we haven't got the time: we just want to be involved and help out. Come and join us and get involved yourself!

How's Progress?

Progress is good but not as good as it should - or could be. Although the people are waking up to what is going on around them at certain levels, they are still not savvy enough. Unfortunately, many still display too much of our human qualities: trusting in the good of people!

"Surely they wouldn't do that, would they?"

And too many are still looking for a leader to guide them out of this situation.

Many are still not fully realising the depth of the deceptions, the trickery and the conniving nature of those currently still in control. Despite this, some are becoming more sophisticated at spotting it, thank goodness.

People need to be more incredulous and determined once realising the truth about what has happened. Convert that fury into motivation and single-mindedness to deal with this evil and deception.

Let's break a couple of examples of current deep deception:

1. The Tommy Robinson Effect

We like a lot of what Tommy Robinson is saying. But we have to be careful. We think, at the New Chartist Movement, that there is something not right about this situation and we wonder whether Tommy is being used and deceived by the Deep State. He's highlighting some concerns, certainly, but often not challenging the real cause. Often, it's what he leaves out that makes one suspicious: not what he does talk about. Maybe he's being used as a tool of division without knowing it.

Yes, there are problems with extreme islamic groups being involved in the grooming of children. Despicable, filthy behaviour - we agree. But it's not just that culture that is involved. What about the high-level peodophiles in high positions of power in the establishment? What about victims such as Hollie Gregg and Melanie Shaw? It's right across the board, people? Tommy is probably involved in what one might describe as 'Divide and Rule' games of the deep state. There's a much more sinister game being played here and we must not fall for this.

Besides, remember the first of our 6 requirements: Re-establish our Common Law Constitution. Anyone involved in unacceptable behaviour will be dealt with by a jury and sentenced for their crimes by the people. We don't have to hang labels on these people and have others in society becoming guilty by association with that 'group' or label'. We've got to stop identifying people by their group! We are scoring massive home-goals by doing this. It's what they want us to do and we're still falling for it.

Be aware, also, that Tommy is clearly receiving massive funding. Do you know where from? Do a little digging yourself if you haven't already.

2. The 'Brexit' Organisations

Well this one's been completely exposed within the last few days by UK Column and the New Chartist Movement. We had a suspicions for a long time that Brexit leaders - key figures that are leading the main Brexit organisations are engaging in deception and mis-direction. People have been (understandably) believing that these groups such as Leave Means Leave and the Bruges Group are indeed doing they say they are - helping the Brexit process.

But, it now appears that whilst they have been saying, they, in fact, have been doing the complete opposite - helping to cover-up the fact that the British Establishment is accelerating the process of Military Unification with the PESCO process. They have done practically nothing to highlight this despite promising to do so.