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I'm going to try and break this subject down into short enough chunks that you won't think 'I can't read this now, I haven't got the time' - or something similar. Sorry to be a little bit irksome here, but not enough people are doing the reading and they need to get off their backsides and educate themselves. If you do not know this material presented in this document, then you're already playing into the hands of the deep state which simply wants you as a spineless and compliant slave to the Orwellian corporate future that they’ve got planned for all of us.

This is some of the most important information you will receive about how the state and government is supposed to function. If you find any of this information difficult to believe or swallow in any way then read the longer articles in the Learning Resources section of the New Chartist Website that back these statements up.

Here we go...

The Problem

Many already know that human beings are under extreme threat right now. The 'conspiracy theorists' were right all along. A small group (relatively speaking) are, indeed, engaged in conspiracy to defraud, harm and enslave the ordinary people. The conspiratorial nature of our reality is indeed undeniable, but it all stems from one problem:

That human beings, now, following constant propaganda over millennia, are always looking for someone or something else to do things for them!

Stick with me, this is important. The most obvious expression of this is in the formation of a government to do things for us. (Dangerous move - but OK, as long as you understand the principles laid out in this document).

That system of governance that we (the people) created for our society has taken authority over us; but it should be the other way around:

The creator should always remain in authority over that which it has created.

The government that we created to perform jobs for us, was infiltrated (along with practically every other government) by a cabalistic group and is now being used to control us. This wouldn't have happened if the fundamental principles of how a state is supposed to function always remained known and understood by the people:

A legitimately-formed society always subordinates its government.

The United Kingdom, once England, was and is meant to be a legitimately-formed state because its governing system was always intended to fall under the authority of the people. It was an example of true Equity in which all people are equal under the law. People are not subject to the law in slightly different ways and nor should some be more privileged than others. All are subject to it equally including the head-of-state, in our case: The Monarch.

How? Read on, this is critical...

A bit of a Shock to Many

No! It was never intended for the people to influence their government and state merely through voting in elections. That is not the primary mechanism by which the people hold their government to account - contrary to what most people believe. The real name for this system of voting in elections - especially a party political system is 'Suffrage'. And as we all know, it doesn't work anyway.

Most people believe, incorrectly, that this system of voting is called Democracy. Wrong! This is the first surprise. We have been deceived about what Democracy really is. And when you understand what it really is, you'll realise very quickly that it is the most valuable thing the people can have. This will be a shock; even for many in the 'awake' community - especially in America where it is common to argue that they are a republic, and not a democracy. This is false - they are actually both: a Democratic Republic. The ‘republic’ bit merely describes the style of the head of state (a president) as opposed to a Monarchy in the UK. But it's the 'Democratic' part that is the crucial bit - and you'll see why. Read on - keep going!

The real constitutional mechanism by which our government is subordinated, and maintains us in authority is, in fact, the real definition of Democracy itself - and it’s not voting in elections! Many in the 'truth' movement have been tricked into believing that we don't want a Democracy - simply because we've been told, wrongly, it's about voting. It’s Not!

So What is Democracy Really?

Real Democracy is what the conspiracists have been desperate to hide over the last 800 years. It contains a very powerful mechanism that keeps the people in authority over their government at all times - not merely once every four years! This will surprise many:

Common Law Trial by Jury

Don't stop reading - there's more to this, because real Common Law Trial by Jury (which doesn't operate today) contains a devastating weapon that has been deliberately hidden from the people. It's called Annulment by Jury.

Most people think that Trial by Jury is simply there for us to judge the accused. No - that is not the only reason. In fact it could be argued that that is merely the secondary and less important reason for Trial by Jury.

Full, unbridged Trial by Jury that should be in place today allows the jury (a small sample of our community) to throw out government-created law (legislation).

Yes, you did read that correctly!

The real judges in a proper Common Law Trial are the jury: not the Judge! The Judge's role has been renamed from 'Convenor' - merely an administrator. They won't like to hear that!

The jury are supposed to judge on all aspects of the case - which doesn't happen now.

There are lots of crucially important things that I could tell you right now about real Trial by Jury, but I won't because I'm keeping this short and sweet.

But this is the biggy!...

If the accused has indeed technically broken the legislation, then as jurors, people think they are supposed to return a 'guilty' verdict to reflect the facts of the case and back-up the law.

No! This is not the case. Because the jury is supposed to be judging on fairness and justice - specifically, they are looking for malicious intent.

Does it feel right according to my conscience, to punish this man -
 regardless of whether he has technically broken the law?

It is perfectly possible and right that a common law jury returns a not-guilty verdict even though the accused may have technically breached some piece of government legislation.

But, ladies and gentlemen, the effect of this is spectacular!...

If that happens, then under Common Law, that piece of government legislation is found to be defective and begins the process of being extracted from the statute books!!

That's the biggest bombshell for the political class because they don't like it up 'em. The people (could even be one individual) is responsible for throwing out government-created law! Don't you just love it!?

Think about it people, because, under common law, a guilty verdict can only be returned if it's unanimous (all jurors return a guilty decision), just one individual member of our community could have been the cause of bringing about the end to an unfair, impractical or unworkable piece of legislation! One dissenter causes a Not-Guilty verdict. That's power of the people, ladies and gents. Now do you get it!?? This could happen at any point - whenever there is a trial. So government legislation is meant to be tested under Common Law at all times and is always subject to the authority of the people.

The government’s own ‘law’ is tested every day all over the country under our authority!!

Social Contract

That is the social contract that people talk about. We are lead to believe in some rather vague, airy-fairy way that the social contract is all about the government being allowed to govern as long as the system of representation is maintained (voting). Rubbish! The social contract is that the government is allowed to 'govern' as long as it remains subservient to the rule of law: which is the people being in judicial authority over them through Trial and Annulment by Jury - as it was in ancient Greece! Parliament is not sovereign: the people are. Sorry, politicians, life's such a bitch isn't it? This essentially means that we are the government.

Different Jurisdictions of Law

Just to clarify. There are different jurisdictions or 'layers' in law. Government is allowed to create ‘law’ (called legislation through creating Acts of Parliament). But all of this not only has to be ratified by our head-of-state - the Queen, but is also put to the test every single time it comes up in a trial.

Common Law is a higher jurisdiction of law and is created by the people (not government) and not (as is often claimed by people in the Judiciary) judges. It is created through the decisions made by the people when they sit on juries. Common Law is a consolidation of the decisions of juries. All government-created ‘law’ (legislation) must be in alignment with Common Law.

Now do you get the picture?!

Where does all this come from?

Magna Carta 1215: the Original and Best

That's your constitution, people! The last time I looked, it was definitely written as well. Yes, you have a written constitution - contrary again to what they say.

And yes, in their nasty, conniving way, they created their own preferred ‘power-grabbing’ versions of it later on to replace the original that they didn’t like. But it was unlawful to attempt this - as these were only legislatorial versions (from parliament). The Government can’t write constitutional law and is not allowed to write itself into a higher position within that strata. Government can only repeal or amend legislation - anything that government has created before.

They cannot write themselves into judicial authority.

They are contained within the Common Law. And the 1215 Magna Carta was written and signed before the formation of parliament.

Effects of Brexit or Remain

What happens if we affirm our position in Europe and don't leave? All those powerful mechanisms  I’ve just described, that protect the people and keep them in authority over their government will disappear, because Europe doesn't have Common Law. In Europe, you're guilty until proved innocent and they don’t have Trial by Jury - because they use the Napoleonic system of law. Nasty!

Now do you think staying in Europe is a good thing?

Don't worry Remainers - most of the Brexiteers didn't have a clue about this either :-) They tricked everyone.

If you like the sound of getting one-up on those arrogant twits in the political class, then read more on the New Chartist Movement Website. Have a look at the 'Articles' and the 'Learning Resources' sections.

Keep looking into this and Happy Reading

New Chartist Movement Campaign Team


William Keyte - December 2018


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