Treasury Select Committee's Second Response

Dear Mr Walker,

Thank you for your email. To address your questions:

1. How much of this response was actually the work of Mrs Morgan? Did she actually tell you to write what is below, or, as Second Clerk to the Treasury Committee, is this entirely your work?

The email sent on 6 February was written on behalf of Nicky Morgan MP and signed by myself.

2. Knowing as we do the appalling shortage of money for such things as the NHS, Social Welfare and the Armed Services, can you personally please give me one valid reason as to why the fiscal policy of M0 at 100% should not be re-introduced in the guise of restoring the 1914 Bradbury Pound?

I tried to make clear in my response, the Committee has no current intention to conduct an inquiry into this topic. You are, of course, welcome to contact individual Members of the Committee for comment on this question but the Treasury Committee has made no formal conclusions. I therefore cannot make a response on its behalf and I have no personal opinion on the matter. My original email provided a link to information on way that Committees work which I hope you found useful.

3. Are we a Common Law country?

The Treasury Committee is not the appropriate body of which to ask questions about the makeup of the UK legal system. If you require further assistance on this, I attach a link to the Law Society who may be able to assist or direct you to the relevant guidance.

I appreciate that this response may not be as useful as you had anticipated, but I hope that it is of some help.

Kind regards,


Peter Stam
Second Clerk | Treasury Committee | House of Commons

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