Evidence of tyranny - no understanding of their authoritative limits

Dear Justin,

There is nothing that I can add to this line of correspondence. Therefore, I will not be responding to any further communication from your organisation on this topic.

Yours sincerely,


Dear Peter,

As I respectfully pointed out to you before, you are not in a position to reply - we require, as is our indisputable and common sense right under the supreme Common Law (we are a Common Law country), as confirmed by the 1215 Great Charter (which cannot be repealed in any way by Parliament), for our elected public servant to reply.  She has absolutely no choice in this matter.  She is obliged to act on our behalf to get this proven, but almost completely unknown, truth out to the British people about this fiscal arrangement known as Treasury M0 at 100% (Bradbury Pound) so that the sovereign people of this country can see that we are all being deceived and scammed about money creation, money supply and direct taxation.

Her now consistant refusal to confirm our requirement to a live televised meeting to get this truth out does not reflect well on her or the whole parliamentary process.  This is not going away and will just become a bigger problem for you as more and more people see that our elected servants prefer serving the City of London and the criminal central banking system before confronting the proven truth and a proven remedy that will put to an immediate end people's financial hardship and loss of public services.


I must repeat again, we are not going away and every time we go public on an indefensible refusal such as this, our numbers grow as more and more people wake up to the proven truth that our elected servants are not serving us. Please let me remind you again of the last paragraph I wrote in my own letter below to Mrs Morgan:

"There are no conspiracy theories here, just hard and proven facts which need to be put before the British people.  We are now, quite literally, in a battle of Good versus Evil, of the 99% versus the 1%, and there’s only a razor blade between the two sides – in other words, there is quite definitely no wall for politicians to sit on and no grey area within which to prevaricate.  My simple question to you is this - which side are you on?" 

Yours sincerely

Justin Walker (on behalf of the New Chartist Movement campaign team)

Dear Campaign Team for the New Chartist Movement,

Thank you for your emails to the Chair of the Treasury Committee. Again, I am replying on behalf of Mrs Morgan.

I have very little to add to my previous correspondence, other than to reiterate that the Treasury Committee has no current plan to inquire into the restoration of the Bradbury Pound. I have already informed you that the Treasury Committee will not be arranging a meeting with the Chancellor of the Exchequer and the New Chartist Movement. I would repeat that the Committee sets its own programme of work and is under no obligation or “requirement” when doing so.

Thank you again for contacting the Treasury Committee, and for your interest in its work.

Yours sincerely,