05 Jul

On Sunday 4th July 2021, the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) sent this challenge directly to Andrew Neil, and will send to every one of the key people working for GB News.

Dear Andrew,

You are asking us to believe that GB News is a true champion of free speech and that it will go to the ultimate lengths to seek and tease out the truth.

Forgive me, but I’m extremely sceptical that this is the actual case. Especially after seeing your live ‘coverage’ concerning the recent and huge freedom demonstration in London.

To confirm that I’m correct with my scepticism, I’m now going to politely throw down six ‘truth gauntlets’ in front of you—six challenges which I feel certain that you and your team will baulk at.

However, I need not remind you that a refusal by GB News to pick up these 'truth gauntlets' will dismay those people who are now expressing very real doubts about the official government narrative on what's happening to our country. These are people who are generally extremely dismayed by the conduct of our political class and what the politicians have done to suppress our ancient freedoms, not to mention allowing the deliberate distressing of our supposedly supreme Common Law constitution (and you well know that it is these people who are presently the core audience of your new enterprise).

Your refusal to pick up will prove to us that you are just like all the other mainstream broadcasters—that is, you ultimately take your instructions and guidance from those elitist, unaccountable and racketeering corporate ‘globalists’ who seek an unlawful political and economic reconfiguration of the entire world using massive lies, fraud, debt, deception and entrapment. In other words, you are happy for a criminal mindset of enormous magnitude to go on enslaving humanity unchallenged.

It is my certain belief that you will not dare challenge effectively the clear criminality behind the current ‘Covid-19’ and ‘Vaccine’ narratives; nor the ‘Build Back Better’ plan of the ‘Great Reset’; and nor will you analyse and fully expose the completely bogus ‘Green New Deal’ that relies solely on appalling lies and extremely bad science, to quote the late and sorely missed Professor David Bellamy.

And you will certainly not alert the British people to the growing evidence that an Orwellian and fascist ‘technocracy’ is being assembled globally which will see the human race suffering from intense and highly intrusive hi-tech surveillance on their daily lives; total dependency upon ‘compliance handouts’ by the ‘caring’ state; and the emergence of the nightmare reality of transhumanism whereby a human being is physically and scientifically fused with cutting edge and invasive technologies.

So, with all of this in mind, the six 'truth gauntlets' are as follows:

1. That you, as Chairman of GB News, will do a series of one hour ‘flagship’ interviews, where you will ‘grill’ in your usual and perceptive way, David Icke on his views about the nature of life, COVID-19 and what is really happening to the human race.


2. That GB News will invite Brian Gerrish of the excellent and insightful UK Column to discuss the effects of the vaccine roll-out by allowing him to highlight the Government’s MHRA Yellow Card Scheme.


And when it comes to the actual safety of these vaccines being given to the British people, why don’t you interview and question Dr Mike Yeadon, a former Vice President and Chief Science Officer for Pfizer? Here is Reuter’s attempt back in February to discuss, or more accurately to discredit, this brave British scientist https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/health-coronavirus-vaccines-skeptic.

3. That GB News will regularly invite people like Sir Julian Rose, Sandi Adams, Lucy Morgan Edwards and Piers Corbyn onto programmes to discuss in detail how the ‘Great Reset’, the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’, the ‘Green New Deal’ and ‘UN Agenda 2030’ are inexorably taking the human race down a path towards the nightmare of transhumanism and the imposition of a global and fascist ‘technocracy’.


4. That GB News should immediately expose the use of the virtually unknown corporate ‘Legal Fiction’ that’s used to practise both deception and entrapment in the unlawful ‘legal’ governance of our country in order to advance an alien legal system… namely Roman Civil/Napoleonic/Admiralty 'law' (the law of the sea)… at the expense of our ancient and supposedly supreme Common Law (the Law of the Land) Trial by Jury system of justice and governance. You must expose the unlawful and treasonous refusal by the Judiciary to alert randomly selected Juries of their absolute right to practise Annulment by Jury, which empowers the people to annul bad legislation passed by politicians in Parliament. This is the ultimate tool whereby we, the people, can prevent the onset of any form of imposed tyranny.


5. With the twentieth anniversary of 9/11 now looming, we call upon you to personally authorise the making of a GB News documentary to fully investigate the clear and incontrovertible evidence that proves beyond all reasonable doubt that the official narrative of what happened on that fateful day cannot now be believed. As part of your investigation, we suggest that you contact Andrew Johnson of www.checktheevidence.com, the architects and engineers at https://www.ae911truth.org and the professional pilots at https://911pilots.org.

6. And finally, GB News will invite myself and others on to discuss the role of the private and virtually unheard-of Bank for International Settlements (BIS) and its central banking system; how money is created and by whom; and why the British Government and the Speaker of the House of Commons refuse point-blank to discuss the proven history of the 1914 debt-free and interest-free Treasury-issued ‘Bradbury Pound’ which saved the nation from financial collapse at the outbreak of the First World War. What are they so scared of?


Here’s your chance, Andrew, to prove to us sceptics that we are completely wrong in our opinion of your new enterprise. Please, my friend, instruct your GB News to pick up these six ‘truth gauntlets’ and give the British people a chance to hear the completely provable but deliberately suppressed facts about what’s really happening to the world today.

I would appreciate a detailed reply from yourself including a proper response to each of these six challenges.

With all best wishes,

Justin Walker

(Co-founder of the Hardwick Alliance for Real Ecology (HARE) and the New Chartist Movement)