New Chartist Spring 2018 Nottingham Event - Videos

A big thank you to Tom Crawford for organising the day, it was a great success despite the snowy weather that weekend that hampered things a little. Justin Walker and Eddy Alder sadly couldn't get to us from Plymouth due to the snow, but we linked live with Justin to give us an introductory update at the beginning. Thank you to all who attended and supported us at the event and also, a big thank you to Mark for videoing the event.

Apologies for the delay; Will has finally managed to get the videos converted, spliced and uploaded. Here are the presentations in chronological order:

1. A live Skype link with Justin to give us an update on things

2. Tom Crawford kicks off with a general talk on the situation, a little about the Hegelian Dialectic and a little about his own legal adventures.

3. William Keyte updates the audience on the campaign team's recent correspondence with our public servants in Parliament

4. William Keyte continues with an introductory talk on Natural Law; more details of which can be found here

5. Dave Robinson gives a valuable recap on his experiences and campaign focussing on Article 61

6. John Smith of the Common Law court takes us through their considerable successes and experiences. See their website