30 Sep


This Universal Declaration is for every sovereign human being on Earth, regardless of race, creed, colour and received social standing.

‘Humanity’ is the condition of being human. Being a living, breathing human being with a soul is to have the capacity to feel and show kindness, compassion, wisdom and responsibility. Thus, all of humanity is joined as one through the mutual experience of sharing these lasting values and virtues.

Planet Earth is also a living entity, along with all her sentient offspring. She shares a form of consciousness whose origins are Divine and which reaches its most self-aware form in the human being. In other words, in all of us.

We humans are gifted with this innate awareness from birth; and this awareness makes us recognise our common responsibility to be stewards and to support and nurture life in all its forms here on Earth and beyond.

The purpose of existence is to achieve the full expression of the potential seeded in us at birth; the manifestation of our God-given gifts, of which love is the supreme attribute.

Over time, humanity has allowed itself to be dispossessed of this supreme quality and responsibility. The great, diverse and colourful abundance of life on Earth has faded into a grey and barren landscape of deceptive imitations. It has become a spiritually rudderless and now greed-driven world, in which true leadership is either invisible or refused entry.

This is not a state that can or will endure. Its existence is dependent upon maintaining and feeding division, hostility and fear in a world founded on wholeness, compassion and harmony.

It is the raising-up of the underlying powers of spirituality and purposeful endeavour that will end this reign of oppression that all of humanity is experiencing at this time. For that which oppresses mankind is not of humanity, but is alien to the human condition—a condition that it now seeks to destroy.

All true people whose home is planet Earth must now unite to drive out these dark elements that hold humanity to ransom while pushing our beautiful and bountiful world towards ecocide. We are One in our longing for the manifestation of that which will give expression to our creativity, joy, freedom and love of life.

To turn these vital aspirations into reality is our most profound and unique God-given challenge. We are therefore called upon to find deep in ourselves the resolve, courage and determination to come out of our sometimes-insular sense of imprisonment and join together in overcoming all that which holds-back a great flowering of the human genius and a great awakening of the power of the universal soul.

This is the Age of Truth and we are the Truth bearers. Victory for humanity over inhumanity is our indisputable field of action from this day forth. There can be no compromise in this.

What follows are the essential solutions needed to bring about the great turning we all seek. A turning that will lay the firm foundations of a new society, based on respect for the natural ecology of the planet, collective and lasting freedom, justice and compassion—all to be manifest within a global framework of ‘human-scale’ local solutions, self-sufficiency and everlasting respect for the living ecosystems of the Earth, our home.

  1. ECOLOGY AND FOOD SECURITY: The planet Earth is a beautiful home and all of us are entrusted as stewards to protect and enhance the incredibly intricate and delicate ecosystems that make up this living planet. The current economic trends that exploit and pollute these ecosystems to the point of complete collapse must come to an immediate end. All future commercial activities must take place on a human-scale with local people, rather than soulless multi-national corporations, being firmly in charge. Self-reliance by countries, regions and communities would become an overriding priority with global trade being based on mutual cooperation rather than outright competition.

This is especially true when it comes to the production of good and nourishing food. The current trend to industrialise our food must come to an immediate end and the giant manufacturing corporations involved will be broken up into much smaller companies that are then tasked to serve and provide local communities and regions with food that has been produced by using natural and organic means. The backbone for all food production in the world will be small and medium-sized family and community owned farms with the welfare of all animals involved with this human-scale food creation being of the utmost importance. In this way, the natural fertility of the soils across the world will be re-established, as will our greatly diminished maritime environment. Local authorities must also ensure that people and communities wishing to grow their own food have access to suitable land.

  1. LAW: Every sovereign human being on Earth must have easy access to open, fair and lasting justice. This can only be achieved by the universal implementation of Common or Natural Law whereby there is an immediate presumption of innocence until proved otherwise in a properly conducted Court of Law and Record.  A Petit Jury, made up of twelve randomly selected people, hears the case in an open and impartial court overseen by a randomly selected and independent-of-government Judge who ensures that both sides, the prosecution and the defence, have equal opportunity to present their evidence in a thoroughly responsible and effective way.

A jury then retires to deliberate upon this evidence and to reach, if possible, a verdict. To convict with a guilty verdict, a jury must have reached a unanimous decision. Anything less and the accused must be found not guilty. In carrying out its responsibilities, a jury not only decides on the appropriate punishment or sentence to be a given, but also whether or not to annul the legislation that was first used to bring the case to court. This latter responsibility is extremely important as it ensures that the collective common sense and common decency of the people always prevails and has the final say over those appointed servants who are tasked with the drawing up of supposedly fair and just legislation. The people through the Petit Jury of twelve are the highest court in the land and must always have the ultimate and final say.

  1. GOVERNANCE: The peoples of the world must be allowed to lead their lives with the minimal amount of government interference. Complex and invasive legislation should never be used to micro-manage people’s lives, which are already protected by the full weight of Common or Natural Law. Free thought and free speech are sacrosanct at all times, but with that must come personal responsibility to not cause unnecessary distress and suffering. Mutual respect for one another is crucial and we should all treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Politeness and good manners are the hallmarks of a contented and self-confident society.

The good governance of any sovereign country, region or community must be achieved by involving as many aware people in the decision-making process as is practicably possible using safe and reliable voting procedures. Decisions must always be arrived at without the skewed interference of organised lobbying by vested and corporate interests. Self-serving political careers and divisive and hierarchical political parties should be actively discouraged in favour of consensus bridge-building and decision-making by independent people who, on being elected for a specific time only, are tasked to bring wisdom, humility, experience, humour and common sense into the debating chamber. This should result in sound and lasting legislation that safeguards people’s freedoms and responsibilities in equal measure.

  1. MONEY: Currently, all the peoples of the world are blighted with unsustainable debt by being controlled by a criminally imposed private central banking system that practises secrecy, usury, fraud, deception and entrapment to strangle the prosperity and freedoms out of supposedly sovereign countries. This can be instantly overturned by immediately closing down all dealings with the privately-run and very little known Bank for International Settlements with its global network of central banks, whilst at the same time ensuring that all future money creation and money supply issues become the responsibility of sovereign governments through their treasuries.

A simple and proven fiscal arrangement would be universally adopted that sees a sovereign nation creating, issuing and controlling debt-free and interest-free money that is based solely on the wealth and creativity of that nation. Money creation done in this extremely simple and stable manner, coupled with the immediate imposition of the Common Law upon the criminals behind the central banking system, would immediately remove the debt burden off the world, resulting in all sovereign countries enjoying real peace and lasting prosperity.

  1. SCIENCE AND LEARNING: Sadly, when it comes to science and the knowledge needed to improve and enhance the lives of everyone on Earth, a dark cloak of lies and censorship has been placed over the world. Academia, it seems, has largely been corrupted by corporate money dictating what can and cannot be publicly taught and where research should or should not take place. For example, public debate about the actual science behind so-called ‘Climate Change’ and ‘COVID-19’ has been closed down by academia and the mainstream media. We now have an increasingly ‘SMART’ world where advanced technologies involving Artificial Intelligence, the dangerous roll-out of 5G and Transhumanism, along with completely unproven vaccines, are endangering the human condition. Science has been turned against humanity.

This situation must be immediately reversed. We already have evidence that many breakthroughs in physics and medical science have been deliberately suppressed by those who seek to control us. With immediate effect, the cutting-edge research of the likes of the late Nikola Tesla and Dr. Royal Raymond Rife must be made public and given the utmost priority to make real their discoveries and inventions which will clearly transform for the better the whole of humanity.

All of these practical and proven solutions have just one thing in common—they will firmly put the peoples of the world back in full control of every aspect of their lives whilst recognising that they are fully responsible for nurturing and caring for our living and quite wonderful natural world.

Work must now begin on enshrining the Earth with a new and global Great Charter (Magna Carta) for all the peoples and living ecosystems of the world so as to ensure that no repetition of our current predicament can ever be allowed to happen again. Truth, common sense and justice at all times must prevail!