The over-riding principles of the New Chartists are the acknowledgement of the supreme precedence of our ancient principles of Common Law; the practising of Common Sense and Common Decency at all times; and the pursuit of the Truth wherever it takes us, without fear of favour.  

As the New Chartist Movement takes off - and more and more people understand the blatant treason, lies, fraud and deception that's going on in Parliament and the City of London - the truth will break through and all this madness, poverty, stress and misery that’s affecting our country today will simply cease to exist.  

To achieve the full success of the New Chartist Movement and to show practically what must be done to restore the full sovereignty and financial well-being of our country:

  • We are committed to fully restore the supreme precedence of our country’s ancient Common Law Trial by Jury Democratic Constitution which ensures that we, the people, are ultimately sovereign at all times and not our elected politicians. This is done by harnessing the little-known court process known as Annulment by Jury which guarantees that flawed and unfair legislation passed by Parliament can be annulled of randomly selected people.
  • We are currently researching and exposing the extremely serious and hidden corporate legal trust system that apparently exists and thrives, through a deception and unlawful trespass, through our Birth Certificates (that is through the compulsory certification of all of us at birth by our parents). This, allegedly, has seen the establishment of concealed monetary trusts which are supposedly based on the worth of our newly created and attached ‘legal fictions’ within the over-riding corporation known as ‘UK plc’. This ‘wealth’, that seemingly has been attached to us all since the creation of our birth certificates, cannot be touched by us…or so they think!  Initiated, we believe, by the strange, secretive and ultimately unlawful Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, the entire legal system of our country would appear to be fully immersed in this hidden conspiracy.  Using their deliberate and deceptive foreign language called ‘legalese’ (that only trained lawyers can easily understand) they have, for some considerable time, kept the truth about all of this corporate deception from the people…but not for much longer!  The New Chartists, exposing this to an unsuspecting population, require the restoration of the authentic Constitutional Common Law Trial by Jury Justice System which is dedicated, without fear of favour, to seeking out the absolute truth; to achieving real justice; and to seeing that everyone enjoys genuine fairness – all without involving hidden ‘legal fictions’ and all free from the fraud and treason that currently protects the high-level corporate and financial interests of the so-called ‘one-per-cent’.
  • We support the full restoration of Sovereign National Credit – that is our nation’s absolute right and proven ability to create, issue and control, through a lawful HM Treasury (not the Bank of England), all of the money needed to successfully run our country. It will be money that is debt-free and interest-free as it is based entirely on the wealth and creativity of our nation. This will be done by re-introducing the extremely successful 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound that will ensure the long-term security, prosperity and happiness of everyone in the country. This also means that the need for Direct Taxation - for having an invasive and complex personal taxation system which allows agenda-driven politicians to micro-manage and control our lives - will almost cease to exist. Our country will effectively become a tax-free haven and ‘austerity measures and engineered artificial scarcity’, so beloved of the Tories, will be a thing of the past! 
  • We condemn outright all usury and currency speculation – the making of money out of money - along with the criminal machinations of the privately controlled central banking system that’s led by the very little known but extremely powerful Bank for International Settlements.  We do, however, encourage the setting up of local and regional Public Investment Banks which will be used to spread the overwhelming benefits of Sovereign National Credit.
  • We are committed to exposing and bringing to justice, without fear of favour, all of the treason, malfeasance in public office and fraud currently affecting our country’s good governance and financial well-being. Rogue and corrupt judges, lawyers, bankers and auditors, who are involved with fraudulent bankruptcies, must be quickly brought to justice with the victims of their criminality being fully compensated. The treasonous and political creation that is the Supreme Court must be disbanded with immediate effect; whilst all ‘courts’ which allow judges and magistrates to act as both ‘judge and jury’ contrary to the Common Law (known in history as Star Chambers), and which (through the deception of our ‘legal fictions’ courtesy of our Birth Certificates) also act as places of corporate business rather than places of justice, must be disbanded.  In future, the outcome of all trials at all levels must be arrived at by the decision of a randomly selected and fully empowered jury.
  • We will work towards making Parliament and the so-called ‘corridors of power’ considerably more transparent and accountable to the people of the country. Parliament itself must be made to work in a more common sense way by not allowing unfathomable and ridiculous ‘traditions’ to be used to stifle open debate and so delay and frustrate the democratic process. Indeed, we believe that ‘Politics’ should be all about real and dedicated service to the people and we are extremely uncomfortable with those inexperienced people who announce straight out of university that they wish to pursue a ‘career in politics’. As New Chartists, we will encourage and work towards the election of experienced and ‘life-tested’ Independent MPs who will be unfettered by the restraints and unconstitutional behaviour of the agenda-driven and corrupted political parties. Such Independent MPs would seek to protect forever our unalienable rights under our constitutional Common Law by calling for the passing of the Restoration Amendment as required by the 2016 Winchester Declaration.  And finally, the undemocratic, repressive and bullying ‘whipping system’, so beloved of the well-established and hierarchical political parties, must be declared undemocratic and ended with immediate effect.
  • We will expose all those private and supposedly academic ‘think-tanks’ - such as the Bilderberg Group, the Council on Foreign Relations and the Committee of 300 - where elitist bankers, financiers, corporate moguls and even royal family members meet and mingle behind closed doors in total secrecy with some of our own parliamentarians. Despite the fact that the latter are our elected servants and are accountable to us, the people, we never get to hear what was discussed or what was decided, or even acted upon. These elitist get-togethers are an affront to open and transparent governance and any elected servant attending these meetings must be made to resign immediately if they don’t reveal in detail what was discussed and what was decided upon.
  • We would immediately close down the bogus training charity Common Purpose and fully expose their treasonous network of ‘change agents’ which has been set up to deliberately work against the good governance, well-being and sovereignty of our country.
  • We will ensure that Sovereign National Credit (the Bradbury Pound) will be used to meet all the needs and requirements of a more natural holistic NHS rather than a corporate driven one – there will never be financial restraints on new and proven medical treatments and all those cottage hospitals and specialist wards closed due to so-called austerity cuts will either be re-opened or rebuilt. The excellent, long-term care of the elderly and the vulnerable in our society will also be completely guaranteed and all children will rapidly be taken out of poverty without exception.
  • We recognise the current desperate need for social housing and, with the restoration of Sovereign National Credit (the Bradbury Pound), the many tens of thousands of new homes needed can be built, preferably on ‘brown’ sites thus avoiding too much encroachment on our fast diminishing ‘green belt’  
  • We call for free education at source; no student fees; cancellation of all existing student debt; and the introduction of generous interest-free government loans to encourage young entrepreneurs to set up their own businessesall achievable with the restoration of the Bradbury Pound.  Children must no longer be sent to school to be simply ‘programmed’ to accept the cut-throat and highly competitive world that the corporate banking and financial elitists wish to see continue under their influence and control – schools must embrace a common-sense curriculum that teaches effectively the essential basic skills (the three ‘R’s) whilst at the same time harnessing fun and inspiration to bring out the unique skills and aspirations that every child has. Whether it be in science, history or the arts, children must be driven by happiness and personal fulfilment and not by fear and programmed peer pressure. We must have new generations of young people that are having their best interests served at all times by all the different levels of academia.
  • We are very concerned about the long-term protection of the world’s most vulnerable eco-systems, whilst at the same time recognising the absolute moral priority and obligation of lifting humanity out of poverty which can easily be done if sovereign ‘third world’ nations fully, but responsibly, embrace the fiscal principle of Sovereign National Credit and so free themselves from the effects of usury and from the criminal debt-creating central banking system. This would also solve completely the acute problem of economic migration and would ease considerably Britain’s own immigration pressures.
  • We back British farming to the hilt by recognising the supreme importance of our nation being largely able to feed itself with good home-grown and home-reared nutritional food whilst, at the same time, recognising the need for environmentally sensitive farming and very high standards in animal welfare including the banning of sending live animals overseas for slaughter.  Small and medium-sized farms, especially hill farmers, will be protected as will the surviving dairy herds of this country by ensuring a fair price for their milk and produce.  
  • We are a movement that enthusiastically welcomes and supports entrepreneurs with ethical business standards. With the harnessing of Sovereign National Credit (the Bradbury Pound), we want to see real growth in the number of small and medium-sized businesses along with a real commitment to the protection and enhancement of British manufacturing as a whole, especially where it concerns our strategic industries such as steel making and ship-building, not to mention our own vital defence industries.
  • We must immediately withdraw from the hidden PESCO process whereby our armed services are currently being unified with those of the European Union. We must fully restore, using once again Sovereign National Credit (the Bradbury Pound), our armed services to levels that are realistic and appropriate to the defence of our nation’s sovereignty. As a maritime nation, the Royal Navy, in particular, must be significantly enlarged in order to properly defend our coastline, our main trade routes and to be far more effective in amphibious operations, especially where it concerns the humanitarian logistical role of taking timely large-scale emergency supplies to remote or vulnerable countries and islands affected by large-scale natural or manmade disasters.
  • We must use Sovereign National Credit to fully restore our country’s Police Service by bringing back strong and effective ‘Dixon of Dock Green’-style community policing so that all areas of Britain will see real falls in crime including 'white collar' crime, malfeasance in public office and other anti-social behaviour. Police training and operations must reflect at all times the complete precedence of our ancient Trial by Jury Common Law Democratic Constitution and in cases involving Civil 'Law'/legislation, Police Constables must only be there to uphold the Common Law by keeping the peace.  Whilst not wishing to compromise crucial police intelligence gathering and surveillance on real criminals, we must be conscious at all times how quickly police powers can become Orwellian in effect if we’re not careful.
  • We believe that humanity is on the verge of making ‘Free Energy’ a reality – all around the world, scientists are making real headway in their research into creating working Quantum Energy Models which confirm Nikola Tesla’s vision of harnessing limitless energy through the wireless transfer of energy from the Earth’s magnetic or ‘Quantum’ field. The corporate and banking elitists do not want this to happen, preferring instead to keep to the extremely profitable use of dirty 'fossil' fuels, including the new and environmentally damaging process known as ‘fracking’ which we, as New Chartists, totally oppose.
  • We are concerned about reports from very reliable sources that science in the form of GeoEngineering is actually being carried out in secret on an industrial scale which is appearing to have a very negative impact on the world’s weather and the human condition as a whole. This appears to be being orchestrated by the same elitist mind-set that unlawfully controls the world’s money and which seeks centralised power and corporate governance at the expense of our personal freedoms and our Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution. The truth about what is actually happening must be established and verified by a Grand Jury of randomly selected people.
  • We are extremely concerned about warnings that Artificial Intelligence (AI) & algorithms can now make decisions that affect outcomes on ordinary people’s lives. This is creating a nightmare scenario of enormous proportions. The move towards achieving a ‘Singleton’ – which, according to Wikipedia, is “a hypothetical single decision-making agency at the highest level, capable of exerting effective control over its domain, and permanently preventing both internal and external threats to its supremacy” – must be prevented at all costs. Technology must always be the servant of the people and ultimately controlled by human beings for the benefit of all and must not be used to prop up the tyrannical power base of the elitist ‘one per cent’.
  • We require from the mainstream media - especially the BBC as befits their Charter which calls for displaying impartiality and seeking out the truth at all times – a completely level playing field whereby live, unedited and detailed debates, involving members of the general public and experts in their fields, can take place in order to test and search out the veracity of all of the above statements.  Theresa May, Jeremy Corbyn and the political class in general can take this opportunity to have their policies thoroughly examined in the light of the above facts coming out. Other interest groups, who have found it particularly hard, if not impossible, to get a fair chance on the mainstream media, especially in the areas of health, terrorism and history, can also be included.  It is only by doing this can the apathy and ignorance, that allows the elitist wrong-doers to get away with their treason and criminality, be really overcome.  A truly informed nation is a truly democratic nation that can vote for the truth!
  • And finally, we will use Grand Juries of randomly selected people to root out, without fear or favour, all the abuse of children that we know is going on in our society. No stone will be left unturned. The protection of Establishment-led paedophile rings by people in high levels of trust and authority will be especially rooted out and all wrongdoers will be brought to justice.