Drive To Survive 2022

Politics is the machine that was designed to drive, divide, deceive and rule over the people. It may unite smaller groups of people but ultimately it divides people into competing and conflicting tribes.

The people don't want war, they want peace, fairness, abundance and freedom. It's the bankers, corporations and politicians that want war.

Natural un-a-lien-able Common Law rights, principles and freedoms are possibly the best things that could unite everyone, at least 99.999% of the people anyway? For more information, feel free to check out,

A living example of freedom are the lives chosen by Nomadic People. 

There is no real true law that states that everyone must have an address, must have a bank account, must have a birth certificate registration, must have a passport and driving license, must have a National Insurance Number, must be registered with a G.P., must have a phone, an email address and internet access, .. The above things are all socially engineered and coerced, by the corporate political world of controllers, rather than true lawful Public Servants.

In ancient Britain, along with all of the world, it was clearly acknowledged that the land, our world, is to be shared fairly with everyone and every living thing and also that we must leave our world in a better condition, for our future generations- if we can. Before the Parliamentary Enclosure Acts, the land in Britain was known as Common Land, where common people, including travelling people, could graze their animals, grow some crops and camp the night on the commons. Some of the justification used for enclosing and basically stealing the land from the common people was that the new 'landowners' (thieves/criminals), politicians and their electorate, claimed that enclosing the common land made farming more efficient and profitable for all.

The unlawful Corporate Deep State, with the help of their media, also known as part of the Globalist Organised Crime Cartel, is currently trying to draw up and impose more unlawful statute legislation, with the intention of trying to take away more of our Unalienable Rights and Freedoms, especially that of Nomadic Travelling People, with the 'Police Bill' and the United Nations land and rights grabs Directives and Agenda21/2030. However, universal natural unalienable rights, principles and freedoms always rule supreme as the Rule of Law, especially with the backing of masses of lawful people standing behind their Great Constitutional Security and Restoration Clause, the 2001 lawfully invoked Article 61 of Magna Carta 1215

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