Justin gives them a nudge after 4 weeks of nothing

Dear Ms Morgan,

According to the Post Office and Royal Mail, you received the attached letter on January 4th at 8.58am signed by a ‘O Tetterfio’ (https://www.royalmail.com/track-your-item#/tracking-results/JS112711751GB). ; As you will have seen, this letter requires you to arrange a live televised meeting between our New Chartist Movement banking and finance team and the Treasury Select Committee including the Chancellor of the Exchequer in order to discuss the lawful and imminent restoration of the 1914 Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound.  This common sense and completely proven fiscal process will immediately end austerity and will guarantee, amongst other things, the effective funding and resourcing of the NHS, Social Welfare and our Armed Services and Police Service. It will also put an end to all forms of Direct Taxation.

Four weeks on and we still have not received a response from you confirming the date, time and venue of this meeting.  Needless to say, we are disappointed, but not surprised, by the discourtesy you’ve extended towards us.

May we respectfully remind you that you actually have no choice in this matter.  You are elected to be one of our servants in Parliament.  You are also elected to go where the proven truth takes you, even when it’s contrary to your own party’s agenda and manifesto.  And your job is clearly to make sure that we, the people, are kept fully informed and that when we go to cast our votes, we are armed with all the verifiable facts to make the right decision.

The truth is that virtually no one in Britain knows anything about actual money creation and money supply.  Virtually no one knows anything about the debt-creating central banking system led by the Bank for International Settlements.  And virtually no one knows anything about what happened in 1914 when the British economy was saved from complete collapse by the sudden issuance of the Treasury-issued Bradbury Pound.  The responsibility for this wholesale fiscal ignorance lies at the door of all our elected servants in Parliament – this is completely unacceptable and has to change forthwith.

I trust you will now respond within one week from the date of this email with a date, time and venue for this live televised meeting of your Treasury Select Committee and ourselves in order the British nation hears the proven truth about money creation and money supply.

Yours sincerely

Justin Walker   Campaign Coordinator for the New Chartist Movement   

PS.  The ongoing severe drop in the markets worldwide may be just a simple reset after unsustainable rises, or it may be the beginning of another major contrived collapse of the markets as we've been warned by 'insiders'.  If it is the latter, the entire well-being of the lawful British economy can be protected and underpinned by the Chancellor of the Exchequer in a matter of seconds by immediately restoring the Bradbury Pound and the fiscal principle of Treasury M0 at a 100%.  The general public needs to be made aware of this fact and it is your public duty to make such an announcement to both educate and protect the people.  Please confirm that you will do this.