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Arrangements not yet firmed-up but we are expecting as speakers: Mark Windows, Piers Corbyn and Professor Reverend Julien Ciakudia from the Congo

  • Date: 21/07/2019 12:00 PM
  • Location Maxilla Hall Social Club, London (Map)



Turn left out of Latimer Rd tube (which is on the Hammersmith and City line) (but first check engineering works to see if it's running this Sunday),

Walk up Bramley Rd, past Nisalocal shop and Pig & Whistle pub,

Past bus stop H, until underneath the flyover on the right hand side,

Follow the yellow and blue sign to the Chelsea Spice and Grill Indian takeaway past the Argan Tree Cafe, Bramley Chemist towards the colourful paintings and murals & truth wall & memorial to the Grenfell Tower tragedy,

Follow the yellow painted shamrocks to Maxilla Hall Social Club,

Refreshments available

Heineken draught lager among other things

Access Information:

Mind the step!

Car park access is at the end of Kingsdown Close

The Silchester East Kingsnorth House, Whitstable House and Hope Garden are opposite and look over the Maxilla Hall Social Club.

Bike and & Maxilla Studios on 4 Maxilla walk are next door to the Maxilla Hall Social Club.

We have access from 12noon, venue & possibly event closes at 10pm

Running order is undecided as yet