The views & images expressed within the following links are not neccessarily of those held by the New Chartist Movement but have been selected for having possible interest to others.

But first, just a few questions :

In some parts of Britain, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth & other places across the world, some people ask :
"What's with - all this unlawfulness; unfair faceless Corporatism; Centralisation of 'Government'; endless unlawful Wars; Orwellian Full Spectrum Surveillance; Automation; Track & Trace, Social Credit, Chip & Pin/Contactless Digital Takeover; Cashless Buses, Harmful 5G 'SMART' Meters & Microwave surveillance technologies; excessive snooping; interfering, draconian, unnecessary & unlawful rules, regs, stress, corruption, anti-social behaviour, Micro-management; Corrupt charities & religions; Food banks, Extreme poverty & homelessness, Extreme weather modification warfare... ?"

"Why are so many getting harmed & trapped by unlawful debt, banks, corporate scams, unlawful fines/penalties, & corrupt corporate 'courts' & corporate 'Judges' & 'Magistrates', Debt Collectors, 'Sheriffs', 'Bailiffs', Corporate 'Councils'/'Government', Corporate 'Police' & the Corporate 'Social Services & welfare', .?"

  • Where's all the spontaneity, fun & freedom going in life?
  • Why doesn't my local venues have the live music, dancing, singing, community spirit that it used to?
  • Why is excessive taxation making a well deserved treat, a drink, a meal out, ... unaffordable for the many?
  • What's with all these expensive licences, over-regulation, CCTV listening devices ... ?
  • Has East Germany been imported into the UK, ... ?"
If any of the above ring true with you, we're working with many good people to find solutions to what's happening.

Emergency Actions :
Getting informed, empowered & spreading the wordeffectively far & wide :
The dangerous, devious, deceptive, mentally unstable, psychopathic, control freak elitist decision makers, influencers & advisors at the head of every criminal organisation, including banks, 'governments', religions, corporations, secret societies, clubs & think tanks, elitist families, Police, Military, Civil Service, Judiciary, Secret Service, media corporations, lobbyists, NGO's Committees, boards, trusts, ... unlawful Monarch's, CEO's, Heads of State & any other leaders - need investigating, arresting & brought before properly convened Common Law Juries as soon as possible & appropriate reforms, including the transference of power & decision making to the sovereign people lawfully through proper Common Law Juries of sovereign nations & local, regional & worldwide Juries :
Please join here to connect with your prefered Telegram group, - Get informed & inform the masses asap, Constitutional Solution - Unite the masses against corruption & tyranny - Fully Restore Common Law - Notices of Rejection - Notices of Liability - Wake up, Get Informed - Being Sovereign - Lobby or badger the Bobby.

UN 5G 'SMART' City AGENDA 21/2030 crisis & the Deep State of the Nation, ... :
Sucking the wealth dry from the middle classes &
Sleepwalking towards Global Corporate Technocratic Government or Glo-bal Feudalism 
& the 5G Glo-bal Cull on Nature - NWO Problem, Reaction, Solution engineering to try to justify : - Rosa Koire - UN Agenda 21/2030 - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars - Full Spectrum Dominance - Micromanagement Ctrl - Full Disclosure

Artificial Intelligence, GMO, Irradiating, CloningNanotechnologyPesticides, Transhumanism - Beware of Technocracy! : - Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

What is an Allodial Title, what is it good for? :

Beware, Aluminium is Toxic :

End all Animal & Human Cruelty & Exploitation :
We love our pets but why can't we love our bees, hens & cows, ... as much? :

Anti-Corruption Campaign :

Article 61 - our Great Common Law Constitutional Security Clause - Lawfully/correctly invoked in 2001 : - UK, Commonwealth & worldwide - Scotland - BCG

Engineered Austerity, Bilderbergers, ... :

Australia - Constitutional Fraud & Treason, ... :

The Authority Myth :

The BBC & the Jimmy Savile affair, ... :
Is the MSM or CPM (Corporate Propaganda Machine) the real Corporate State Fake News Propaganda Media Machine?

Understanding childish Behaviour & Attitudes & Getting The Balance Right, ... :
Does our behaviour & attitudes come from our genes & DNA, from child & adult life experience, from emotional responses, from dreams, from demonic entity possession, from our environment, the choices we make, from health & nutrition, from subliminal mind control, ... ? :  - Some Jobs that Tend to attract Psychopaths. - What causes Controlling Behaviour, ... ?      - How To Handle & understand Passive Aggressive Behaviour & power games, ...   - Confusion, Inconsistency, lack of logic & Cognitive Dissonance, ...       - 10 Psychology Problems Caused by Parenting Behavior & Avoiding the Snowflake Phenomena, ...    - The Reason for Almost all Mental Illnesses - Prof. Jordan Peterson   - #1 ROOT CAUSE OF JEALOUSY REVEALED.     - Anxiety and Paranoia.     - Frustration & Impatience.     - How to talk with angry people.     - How to Calm down Angry/Drunk People.   - Schools Reframing Children is Child Abuse!      - Jordan Peterson on Homeschooling.    - Childhood Trauma Can Lead to Anxiety and Depression In Adults      - Childhood Trauma Can Affect Child & Adult Behaviour.    - How To Understand the Victim Complaining Mentality, ...     - Blame Game or Taking Responsibility ?  - Detachment, Disengagement, Escapism, Living in a bubble, ...   - Engaged Self Motivated Team Work, ...    - Jordan Peterson - The Bitter and Resentful Attitude. Towards Life    - Why Do People Play Mind Games And Are Manipulative?   - How are Sociopaths made?      - The childhood origins of narcissism.   - Borderline Personality: Discouraged or "Quiet", Petulant, Impulsive, ...      - Why I'm cold hearted, ... rant.   - Beware, the cancer of negativity & stress, ...         - NOT ALL PSYCHOPATHS ARE EVIL SAY RESEARCHERS.   - Choices & Consequences, ...   - How Computer Games & TV, ... Can Change Our Brain.    - David R. Hawkins - The Cravinness Of Desires.     - The Root Cause of Addiction.     - 5 Of The Most Self-Destructive Behaviors, And Why We Do Them.   - How to Deal with People Who Dominate Conversations, ...   - How to handle the person who talks too much, ...     - Egocentrism - "It's all about me".   - 7 reasons people talk over the top of others, ...        - Jordan Peterson - How Narcissistic Psychopaths Can Fool You, ...    - Genes & Psychopathy.  - "Demonic Posession Is Real", Says Psychiatrist   - Possessed: The Modern Exorcism 1/27/2011      - 5 Occult Rituals Caught on Tape      - Former Satanic Cult High Priest / JOHN RAMIREZ WEB EXCLUSIVE PART 1     - Why psychopaths aren't actually evil - The problem of free will.      - DNA and Behavioral Genetics - Robert Plomin.

Orwellian 5G 'SMART' Big Brother is Watching You,
CCTV; Biometrics; Retina Scans; 'SMART' meters, phones, roads, t.v.'s, cities, ... :

Big Oil - How & Why Big Oil Took Over The World :

John Bingley - English Declaration and Bill of Rights 1688/89 and Petition of Right 1628 :

Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, 'convenience', on-line shopping & the Dangers, Concerns & Traps
about a Orwellian Cashless Digital Track & Trace Society in Current Times: "Computer says no!" :
Convenience now can mean Slavery for the future.
Engineered Economic & Financial Scams Sucking the Wealth Dry from the Middle Classes :

Tony Blair & George W. Bush and their controllers helped start the "War on Terror", 9/11 needs re-investigating properly :

Books, badges, T-shirts & other relevant material : - Campaigning Merchandise. - Beep Xtra - Loyalty card for the Common Law Retail. - Excellent multidimensional story book to help wake all us kids & students up, ... - Explaining Natural & Common Law - An informative & entertaining read explaining the scam of banking, ... in Alison in Wonderland style, ... - "They're All Crooks", a Diary by Alan J. Mock
"School - No Place For Children, A Wake Up Call" by David Adelman -

Restoring the Bradbury Pound - A successfully tried & tested interest & debt free currency independent of corrupt private central banks -
Investing in people & their imaginations, creativity, innovation, pioneers & the environment :

The British Natural Divine Common Law Constitution :

9/11 WTC Building 7 & other Possible False Flag Events :

Campaign Resources (download self-printable flyers, leaflets, etc.):

Cancer Crimes, MHRA, Big Pharma, Cancer Cover-up, ... :

Subversive & treasonous misdirection Change Agents & Controlled Opposition, a very dirty game indeed :

Change Agents of the Deep State :

Child Snatchers :

What is the CIA? :

Is CO2 really harmful? :

Codex Alimentarius -
a corporate statist war on our health & freedom of choice, ... :

A Common Law Commonwealth of Sovereign People & Nations :

Commonwealth Week 2019 - London UK & Commonwealth Gospel Concert for Peace, Love & Unity :

We are all the natural & Common Law & the Common Law Courts! :

Proper Common Law Jury Courts - Real Democracy - Government & Justice For The People By The People:

Why is a properly convened Common Law Jury so important? 
It recognises that we are all sovereign & the 'government' are servants &
gives the power to the people along with fair & lawful democratic justice.
A properly convened Common Law Jury have the duty to annul unfair & unlawful statutes &
the Jury is the true Judge & it would be unlawful for corporate state sponsored so called 'Judges'
to interfere with evidence or the decisions of the Jury

What is the Common Purpose organisation? :

Communications, digital infrastructure, Cornwall :

Effective Communication :
How to Become a Greater Communicator :

Communitarianism, the third way. Is this another word for fascism? :
Sucking the wealth dry from the middle classes :

Conspiracy - An agreement between two or more people to commit a crime, ...
In 1967 the CIA coined the phrase "Conspiracy Theorist" as a way to try to put down anyone that was seeking truth & answers.
The greatest conspiracy theory is, is that conspiracies don't exist at all and all events are down to incompetence, ... :

Why is a Constitution e.g. Magna Carta 1215, so important & relevant today?
The Constitution is for all the people to control & limit the powers lent to 'Government'
& to help protect & defend our sovereign nation & all the sovereign people from tyranny, ... :

What is the Unwritten Constitution of Britain, the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth?
The natural Divine Common Law Constitutional Principles and the Juries Conscience to Judge :

Controlled Opposition or Genuine Grassroots? :

A history of charismatic pied pipers & their hypnotic spell on their followers & audience :

Corona Virus and the Common Cold :

Corporate Council Tax, HMRC, VAT, PAYE, Utilities, Debt Collectors, corrupt Baliffs, Bills of Exchange Act 1882 Section 1&2, ... : - Common Law Court - Important Announcements from

Is Council Tax Lawful? :

Covid19 : Has it been isolated and reproduced according to scientific principles?
Other scientific theories on what virues are.
Test wasn't designed for this.

What is Crime? :
A Crime is when there is a victim of somebody that has been harmed by other parties :

Crimes of the 'British'/Norman/Babylonian Imperialists/Deep State Global Elitists :

Crisis Agencies/Actors :

Crypto Currency :
Will Encrypted Open Source Technologiesliberate us all from the bankers corrupt corporate governments
or is it part of a trap towards a cashless totalitarian Orwellian society? :

Ending Daylight Saving Campaign :

What controls the Deep State & what is the Military Industrial Complex? :
The Crown Corporation, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Corporate State Military Intelligence,
Secret Societies, Religions, A Demonic Death Cult, ... :

Defence, National Sovereignty, Common Law Constitution, 
Coronation Oath, PESCO, EU Military Union - Treason, ... :
Without a defence system, we cannot be a proper sovereign nation :

Emergency - Depopulation 5G 'SMART' Agenda 21/2030 - Big Society :

The Diggers, the Levellers, the Luddites, Land Enclosure Acts, Industrial Revolution, Digital Revolution & Chartists, ... :

Digital & Microwave Technologies
for a Brave New Transhuman World? :

Divide & Rule, Controlled Opposition, Referendums & the Globalists desire for insurrection :
How not to play into their hands, ...
Why we must all find ways to unite & work together :

Drug dealers and takers are helping and supporting the Global Corporate Elitists, ... :

Smoking them out - DUMBS - Deep Underground worldwide Military & elitist escape Bunkers/Bases - the Subterranean Earth :

Why the ECA - the 1972 European Communities ActTreaties of Maastricht, Nice and Lisbon were unconstitutional, unlawful & an acts of treason? :

Towards Independent Education, the Trivium & the Socratic method :
Wise free and critical thinking and discernment are essential life skills.

Would the return to EFTA - the European Free Trade Association be a good idea? :

Being aware, managing & mastering our Ego & Emotions
& using our Wisdom :

Crimes of the Corporate State Empires, NGO's & the shadow Deep State Corporatocracy :

The unlawful, unfair & cruel Enclosure Acts, Transportation Act1717 & the Industrial Revolution, 
Ruthless unscrupulous Landlords, Land Clearances & Genocides, ...
the precursor to Global Corporatisation, Mass Exploitation, UN Agenda 21/2030 & Debt Slavery :

End all Wars Now! :

Energy/Fuel Efficency & Plastic Recycling solutions :

Energy Weapons, a modern concern :

The 'English' Declaration & Bill Of Rights 1688/89 is a statute that undermines proper Common Law Juries,
but does however affirm that any foreign power must never take control of our nation :

The Corporate EU, what a lovely bunch of dishonourable, anti-democratic & dishonest bureaucrats & bankers with a questionable corporate globalist technocratic agenda :

Executive Order (EO 13818) :

Exposing Fraud, Deception and Treason in the Political Corporate Banking & 'Legal' System :
Eccelestial, UCC, Corporations, Contracts, Consent, Legal Fictions, Esoteric Rituals, ...
Unlawful Debt Collectors & Enforcers, Maritime Statutes, Rules, Regs & Directives -
(also known as the Luciferian Death Cult of Piracy) - a FB Group Exposing Fraud, Deception & Treason in the 'Legal' System.

XR - Extinction Rebellion :

- you believe that the UK will be truly independent & out of the EU with its sovereignty intact by March 29th 2019?
Think again:

Corporate Deep State Fake News, Propaganda, ... :

The Fake Corrupt Science scandals :
Politics, Deep State Agendas and Bribes before Real Pure Science :

Alleged False Flag Events & non-events - Be Aware & be Vigilant : 

Optimum, wise, responsibile & scientific Farming Methods rather than corporate farming :

Diluting Fear :
The Truth Should Set You Free.
When we are truly at one with the Creator and Source of all natural things, including Divine wisdom, then fear cannot exist. When there is real true love, fear cannot be present.
Facing the fear & conquer the fear, but try not to avoid it.
It's that paradox that fear is a real emotion as well as an illusion, apparently even science can prove this :

Please, stop helping to build, install & finance the infrastructure for 5G & Microwave Technologies now!
You're helping to murder & harm millions, including your loved ones! :

5G - A Planetary Emergency
! :

Why is the poisonous substance Sodium Fluoride, a by-product of aluminium manufacturing, 
put into some people's drinking water, toothpaste & 'medicines'? :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Our Focus is doing our best for our children, grandchildren & the future generations :

Follow the Money, "Cui Bono?", Who Benefits? :

Food Production, Artificial Sweetners & the Food Industry :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen?  :

Fracking, Nuclear, Pollution & other Environmental Concerns :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

The suppression of Free Energy Tech :

Fresh Start Foundation :

Full Disclosure:

Manipulated Gangster 'Culture' & other social engineering agendas :

What is Gaslighting and how to identify and deal for it :
Have you ever felt that someone (a partner, relative, employer, 'government', politician, lawyer, ...
is trying to undermine, confuse and bully you and question your own sanity, ... ?)

Geoengineering :

Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Glo-bal Corporate Luciferian Agenda :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Glo-bal Corporate Technocratic/Deep Shadow State Control Structures, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :
CIA corruption:
Paul Hellyer:

Corporate Glo-bal Parliament of 5G 'SMART' City Mayors :

The Great British Mortgage Swindle :

Fake Green Agenda :
Corporate Green New Deal - Working towards a Technocratic AI Eugenics Transhuman Depopulated Glo-bal Feudalism? :

Grenfell & other tragic crimes, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Gross Miscarriages of Justice, Political Prisoners, Whistleblowers :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? : - a Free Melanie Shaw Campaign FB Group - Justice for Melanie Shaw FB Group

The Writ of Habeas Corpus - Free Melanie Shaw!, ...

Health, Science & the Environment &
a Natural-Holistic-Universal-Health-Service : - An example of Rife frequencies. - Common Sense Doctor: Dr Graham Downing. - Common Sense Doctor: Dr Patrick Quanten. - Geoengineering/chemtrails: - a reliable website on science, ... - Vaccinations, Information for Parents: - Vaccinations, Information for Parents: - Conspiracy around an energy efficiency & fuel reduction invention for transportation vehicles.

The Truth about Hemp :
It has many great uses.

Truth about the Hijab & the corruption of Wahabbist Clerics, ... :

What's the truth about Hillsborough? :

Real History - the Truth about British & Worldwide Heritage, History & Customs : - a FB Group about the Truth about British Heritage, History & Customs.

The problem with Hollywood :

Beware, is ICLEI is in your town or city yet? :

Imperialism on Trial :

Become the Independent Truth Media - Local Groups & Networks - Inform the Masses about the Truth far & wide: - A New Chartist Movement FB Group.

In Power Movement - Wifi, 5G, 'SMART' meters, Notice of Liability :

Remember that the Irish, along with the Dutch & French sovereign people weren't allowed to say no & have their way, ... :

ITNJ - International Tribunal for Natural Justice -

London Seating :
Insiders & Whistleblowers exposing crime & serious corruption :

What did Ohio Governor - Senator John Kasich say at 5:06 during his CNN interview? : - John Kasich calls Trump the 'commander of the chaos'

What is Law? :
The only true & real Law to cause no harm to others, everything else are just rules, Statutes, regulations, legislation, directives, ... not Law. :

Lawful Ethical Money 
Creation & Distribution, i.e The Bradbury : - A Lawful Ethical Money FB Group - A Restoration of the interest & debt free British Bradbury Pound 1914 FB Group

Leave Our Kids Alone! :

Reframing mind control, unlawful Corporate State Sponsored kidnapping, exploitation & trade of children & life, ...
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? : - a website to help those that have suffered trauma, ...

Legal Fictions, dead entity Corporationsthe illegal system & the Strawman Birth Certificate Scam, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? : - Meet your Strawman, ... 

The harm LED Light Bulbs can cause to our eyesight, retina, brain & general health :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Lexit :

Libya :

Liens :
You have all been caused harm by the corporate state, bankers, think tanks, lobbyists, corporations, ...

The problems with the Lisbon Treaty - EU Constitution :

London Common Law Mayor
/councillor for the people & a great city - Would anyone like to stand for the Chartists, anti-corruption, Free Energy & the Bradbury & Common Law Constitution for all the people of London? :
Winston running independently for Unity in Action in London :

The Lou Collins Radio Show :

Love :

How to spot & be aware of Luciferianattitudes & behaviour within ourselves :
(When God doesn't take priority in our life - selfish motivations, hedonistic greed, deceitful, parasitic, charming but insincere, dishonest, sychophantic, inferiority complex, elitist superiority complex, jealousy, theft, causing harm with no remorse, patholgical lying, self centred, controlling, deceitful, manipulative, egotistical, over ambitious desire for power over others, ... can take hold)

Niccolo Machiavelli - manipulative scheming mindset of politicians, elitists, ...

A definition of Madness :
Making the same mistakes over & over again, ...

What Mandates do 'governments' really have? :
Only 11.3million (17.5%) of the people out of 64.5 million voted for 'the UK Government'.
What lawful authority do they really have, considering sadly that they are mostly a bunch of war criminals,
child abusers & traitors committing treason against our Common Law Constitution?

Media on Trial :

Lies, treachery, propaganda, misinformation, fake news, irresponsibility, criminality, treason, ...
We the people as the Jury will decide :

Mental Health System Abuses :

Is Psychiatry basically just politics, economics, behaviour control & an epidemic of new labels? :

Why does poisonous Mercury get put into tooth fillings, 'eco' lightbulbs & some children's vacinations? :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Michael O' Bernicia is Distraining and Distressing the Criminal Global Corporate Cabal -

Danger - Microwave Technologies/5G/Wifi/Portable & 'SMART' Meters/Motorways/Cities/Mobile/Cell Phones/Tablets/Laptops/Games, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Mind Control, Hypnotic Trance/Guided Meditation & NLP, ... Reframing & Change Agent Subversion :
Why would our government, media, judiciary, NHS, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

What's the truth about the Miners' Strike? :

Could we overcome & live without Mobile/Cell Phones, ...? :
Convenience now can mean Slavery for the future:

The True Role of Constitutuional Monarchies :

Money? :

Mortgage (Death-Grip) Scam, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Music, Literarture, Cinema, Gaming, TV, Guided Meditations, ... can all be part of Mind Control Hypnosis:

"Mutiny on the Bounty", the Criminal Corporate Global Elitists sometimes known as the, "Wizards of Oz" are loosing support,
cracks are appearing, their "House of Cards will fall, no where to hide, no where to run, no stone left unturned, it's their choice :

Natural Law 
& Common Law Constitution, Police, Equity, Justice, Public Servants & the Great Constitutional Security Clause : - we the people are the Common Law Courts, ... - a wake up to the British Constitutional Crisis, ... - war & migration crisis planned long ago, ... - Kenn d'Oudney is a Natural & Common Law Constitutional Scholar, ... - an essential campaign to Inform All the Police & Public Servants about the Truth about our Common Law Constitution. - a Practical Lawful Dissent FB Group.

Were the Normans/Romans, ... really barbaric savages or wolves in sheeps clothing, ... ? :

Notices - of Conditional Acceptance, Liability, Rejection, ... :
Help to end 5G 'SMART' meters, harmful vaccines, geonengineering, fracking, fluoride in water, mercury in fillings, ...

Safe disposal of Nuclear Waste material through Liquid Thorium Reactors & Russian Tech :

One Love :
Unite under Natural Common Law Constitution Solutions :

Orwellian - "1984" versus - Huxley - "Brave New World" :

Crooked Pantomine for the Audiences, guest appearance by The Remembrancer : 
'Government's', Politicians', Council's, the Judicary, Police Service's, ... are listed & run as Corporations, ... - the criminal corporate puppets & actors of the Corporation of Parliament. - Michael Meacher RIP - Oct 2015

Peaceful Common Law Constitution Solutions :

People Power, an example of us all Networking, Uniting & Working Together at an Eviction Attempt, ... :

Viable alternatives for toxic Plastics :

Police Constables have the lawful duty & authority to investigate all crimes, even if it is of a colleague, a senior ranking officer, a politician, a Royal Family member, the Prime Minister, a VIP, a member of the Judiciary, ... with no threats of retribution. No one should be above Common Law, all should be
equal under it. It's a crime not to investigate a reported crime :

Positive Future Visions & Free Energy Technologies,
World Peace, Fairness, Abundance for all, Harmony, Equity, Justice, Cooperation, Prosperity, Freedom, ... : - A FB Group platform to promote Positive Future Visions & Technologies.

What's this about Post 'law'/legislation :

The Power of Prayer, Philosopy, Meditation, Gratitude, Appreciation, Thanks Giving -
We are all much more effective when we fully let the purest divine love & wisdom into our lives & pray for goodness :

The Principles of Natural & Common Law :
Cause no intentional harm. No one is above the Law. All are equal under the Law. Be free to live life freely, peacefully, honestly, causing no intentional harm & treating others respectfully in the way you would like to be treated yourself :

Project Fear, Chaos, Deception and Mind Control - the worst sort of anarchy :

Q - convincing claims perhaps, but when the chemtrails, fracking & geo-engineering ends; when the harmful UN5g'SMART'city tech is halted, investigated & dismantled; when the harmful vaccintation program is stopped & investigated; when the wars, austerity & exploitation end; when the lid comes off & Nikola Tesla-style abundant free energy technology is made available for all; when harmful toxic pollution is stopped worldwide; when the criminal banking system is investigated; when unlawful exploitative debt & interest based fiat currency is replaced by Sovereign National Credit; when mercury is stopped in dentistry; when water fluoridation is halted, ... ; then we may trust more that the Q brigade are supporting the rule & solutions of natural & Common Law.

Research Tools : - Dun & Bradstreet

Dirty tricks and games - Rules for Radicals :

The Luciferian Sabbatean Frankists, 
covert immoral world domination cult using subversion, infiltration and corruption, ... :

Save Our Trees - Stop 5G & Agenda 2030 :

Scandals in the corporate NHS, Social Services, Secret Courts, Forced Adoptions, Care homes, 'government', ... 
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? : - Neglect, underfunding, understaffing, exploitation, bullying, secrecy,
conspiracy, cover-ups, abuse, murder, profits, corruption, duty of care in the 'Care' £££ Industry, ...

Corrupt Science & Dogma :

Is the Secret Services, Official Secrets Act, State Security, D Notices, ...
just there to cover up extreme criminality within the corporate state? :

17 Goals to sustainability 
also known as UN 5G 'SMART' Agenda for the 21st century,
Agenda 21/2030 or the Green New Deal :
A Trojan Horse social engineering mind control agenda towards a worldwide corporate technocratic totalitarian tyranny.

The Six Requirements :

SLICE - Uniting all - Small Local Independent ethical Community Enterprise projects : 
(coming soon) - Beep Xtra - Loyalty card for the Common Law Retail.

Sleight of hand Illusions
, Smoke & Mirrors, Holographic Possibilities, False Flags, ... 
Do you really trust what you see, hear & feel, ... ? :

'SMART' Meters & Tech Awareness :

Social Engineering & the Orwellian Brave New World/Agenda21/2030 
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

The weapon of Reframing & the creation of Sociopaths - beware of mind control, gas lighting, projection & sophism, ... :

To be Sovereign or to be Sheeple? 
Would you choose - Ignorance, Desire, Greed, Selfishness, Jealousy, Insecurity,
Hatred, Ego, Arrogance, Deviousness, Dishonesty, Competition,  ... ? : - Michael Foot debates Heath (1975)

The Sovereign People's Charter and the New Seven Requirements :

Spirituality, Love, Kindness, Philosophy, Responsibility, Compassion, Empathy, 
Forgiveness - & the Principles of Natural & Common Law. 
Is life a test, a playground or a classroom, ... ? :

State Dependency or Benevolent Natural Law Sovereignty? :

Best ways to listen to & support people feeling Suicidal :
A lot of people are going through a lot at this time, they really need all our support. - The bridge between suicide and life | Kevin Briggs

The Problem of Sycophanting & Currying Favour?
Hero worshipping, following the Pied Piper & people pleasing is not Sovereign Behaviour, ... :

The truth about Syria, ISIS, White Helmets, ... :

Reverse engineering of Targetted Individual agendas - what comes around goes around
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Nikola Tesla :
The Cosmos is full of free electrical energy that could be used to solve all the problems of our world, so why pay the Earth for it?

"They don't like it up 'em, ..." :

Influential elitist global Think Tanks, NGOs, 'Charities', Secret Societies, Lobbyists, 
so called Philanthropists & The Chatham House Rule, ... 
Now that you can see through the agendas & masks, what do you really see?:

Throw Away Your Television, ... :
Weapons of Mind Control & Mass Distraction.

Tony Benn (
the late, wise & extremely popular labour MP) on Brexit :

Town and City, ... Planning in the 21'st Century -
Is ICLEI is in your town or city yet? :

Toxic Waste Dumps in UK & rest of the World - must be stopped Immediately & Cleaned Up :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? : - Sunderland - Ghana - Romania - Italy - Somalia - Europe - U.S. - Siberia - Pyrolysis Potential Solution

Transhumanism, social media, reframing and the rapid increases in Psychological problem behaviours and attitudes :

Why is there a crime called Treason? :
What is the importance & neccessity for it being recognised as a serious crime in law?

Problems with Trolls? - Don't Feed the Trolls :

Trump :

Trusts, ... :

"Trust the plan?", trust & blind faith in sociopaths, the 'government', corporations, politicians, celebrities, religions, gurus, leadership, ... No way!
The solution is with the masses all behaving as sovereign beings under natural & Common Law principles.
Beware of the algorithms & do the research, ... :

UCC - Uniform Commercial Code (1952) - International '
lawfor the criminal corporate governments :

Has the UK and other nations ever become bankrupt 
or been taken over by Lending Bank Receivers and now run as a Corportation? :

UK Column Live - Most Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 1 pm :

UK Military Commanded by EU
! :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

UK Police commanded by EU & UN! :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

Unalienable Rights versus 
Inalienable Rights & 'Human' / Civil Rights :

, Come Together, forget about different, races, religions, politics, cultures, class, sex, age, wealth, ...
we're all getting harmed by the global criminal corporate elitists :

University Corruption, Propaganda Mind Control, Globalist Agenda & Common Purpose :

Unlawful Bankruptcies, Liquidations & Asset Stripping :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :
Noel Edmonds Official Website :

Has the United States of America and other nations ever become bankrupt 
or been taken over by Lending Bank Receivers and now run as a Corporation? :

Why does a healthy new born child or an adult with a perfectly good immune system need - Vaccinations? :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

What is a Virus? :

Weapons of Mass Distraction, T.V., Sport, Gossip, Vanity, New Age, Narcissism, Hero & Celebrity worshipping,
Porn, Consumerism, Hedonisim, Sex, Addictions, Social Media, Gadgets, Fashion Victims, ...
According to the Criminal Global Elitists, "if you're not a useful idiot then you're a useless eater" :

Weather Weapon Warfare, Climate Change, 5G & Re-wilding aka UN Agenda 21/2030 

Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

What really runs the so called UK Parliament/Government in Westminster? :
The EU, the Deep State, the City of London Corporation, the Crown Corporation, Rome/Vatican City, the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), Washington City State, the Industrial Military Complex, Think Tanks, Lobbyists, Secret Societies, the electorate of the UK, ... ?

Westphalian Sovereignty & the Nation States of Europe :
Ending the 30 Years War :

Those White Stripes, especially the ones that get laid in the midnight hours.
RAF, NATO, NASA, ... How well are you protecting our air space? :

Windrush & the Betrayal of Commonwealth Partners & Allies, ... :
Why would our government, judiciary, police & other civil servants allow this to happen? Why do we allow this to happen? :

It's Wisdom to Learn from true History :

The Wonderful era of British Steam, Creativity, Pioneering, 
Engineering, Shipbuilding, Inventions, Manufacturing & Innovations, ... :

Worldwide issues - End the corporate destruction 
& UN 5G 'SMART' Agenda21/2030 genocides :

WW3  - (a pre-plandemic perspective) A Silent Stealth War, a strange kind of covert soft war. Some countries get bombed, others just get a slow kill approach, ... People still go out & walk the dog, they go shopping, go to religious groups, they go to work & college, some smile, laugh & even seem happy; they socialise, go to the gym, meditate, go to concerts & festivals, ... Business as usual? Keep calm & carry on, or wake up, take that Red Pill, get active, keep informed, stay aware, spread the word & help end this tyrannical & criminal rule once & for all, ...? :

Yellow Vests :

What is Zionism, Semitic, Antisemitism, Free Speech, Usury & the power & influence of the Friends of Israel Political Lobbyists, ...? : - Lobbying - Usury - Free Speech