The views & images expressed within the following links are not neccessarily of those held by the New Chartist Movement but have been selected for having possible interest to others.

But first, just a few questions for you:

Where's my local bus & train service; my library; youth club; my local school; my local cottage hospital; my local pub; my local independent shop; my local community services; my local High Street Bank; my local ATM, ... gone?

What's with all this unlawfulness; Orwellian CCTV Full Spectrum Surveillance; Chip & Pin; 'SMART' & microwave technologies; excessive, snooping, interfering, draconian & unnecessary, rules, regs, stress & corruption, micromanagement, extreme poverty & homelessness, ... ?

Why are so many of my family, friends & neighbours getting cancer, becoming sick & dying prematurely?

If any of the above ring a bell with you, we're working with many good people to find solutions to what's happening.

UN AGENDA 21/2030, ... :
Sleepwalking towards Global Corporate Technocratic Government or Global Feudalism & 5G Global Cull on Nature: -
NWO Problem, Reaction, Solution engineering to try to justify: -


Artificial Intelligence, GMO, Cloning, Nanotechnology, Transhumanism - Beware of Technocracy:

What is an Allodial Title?:

Article 61 - our Great Common Law Constitutional Security Clause - Lawfully/correctly invoked in 2001: - UK, Commonwealth & worldwide - Scotland - BCG

Engineered Austerity, Bilderbergers, ... :

Bitcoin, Crypto Currencies, 'convenience', on-line shopping & the Dangers & Concerns about a Orwelian Cashless Society in Current Times: "Computer says no!"

Books, badges, t'shirts & other relevant merchandise: - excellent multidimensional story book to help wake all us kids & students up, ... - explaining Natural & Common Law - an informative & entertaining read explaining the scam of banking, ... in Alison in Wonderland style, ...

Restoring the Bradbury Pound - A successfully tried & tested interest & debt free currency independent of private central banks:

Building 7 & other possible False Flag Events:

Subversive & treasonous controlled opposition misdirection Change Agents, a very dirty game indeed:


Defence, National Sovereignty, Common Law Constitution, Coronation Oath, Treason, PESCO:

Depopulation Agenda 21/2030:

Divide & Rule, Controlled Opposition, Referendums & the Globalists desire for insurrection:
How not to play into their hands, ...

Towards Independent Education:

Crimes of Empires, NGO's & the shadow Deep State Corporatocracy:

End all Wars:

Energy/Fuel Efficency product:

Exposing - Fraud, Deception and Treason in the Political Corporate & 'Legal' System:
Eccelestial Corporations, Contracts, Consent, Legal Fictions, Esoteric Rituals, ...
Unlawful Debt Collectors & Enforcers, Maritime Statutes, Rules, Regs & Directives -
(also known as the Luciferian Death Cult of Piracy ) - a FB Group Exposing Fraud, Deception & Treason in the 'Legal' System.

Corporate State Fake News:

Alleged False Flag Events & non-events - Be Aware, be Vigilant:

Follow the Money, "Cui Bono?", Who Benefits?:

Fracking, Nuclear, Pollution & other Environmental Concerns:

Global Corporate Luciferian Agenda:

Global Corporate Technocratic/Deep Shadow State Control Structures, ...
CIA corruption:
Paul Hellyer:

Gross Miscarriages of Justice, Political Prisoners, Whistleblowers: - a Free Melanie Shaw Campaign FB Group - Justice for Melanie Shaw FB Group

Health, Science & the Environment,
The Natural Holistic Universal Health System: - An example of Rife frequencies. - Common Sense Doctor: Dr Graham Downing. - Common Sense Doctor: Dr Patrick Quanten. - Geoengineering/chemtrails: - a reliable website on science, ... - Vaccinations, Information for Parents: - Vaccinations, Information for Parents: - Conspiracy around an energy efficiency & fuel reduction invention for transportation vehicles.

The Truth about Worldwide Heritage, History & Customs: - a FB Group about the Truth about British Heritage, History & Customs.

Independent Truth Media - Local Groups & Networks - Become the Media - 
Inform the Masses about the Truth: - A New Chartist Movement FB Group.

Lawful Ethical Money Creation & Distribution, i.e The Bradbury: - A Lawful Ethical Money FB Group - A Restoration of the interest & debt free British Bradbury Pound 1914 FB Group

Leave Our Kids Alone!

Unlawful Corporate State Sponsored kidnapping & Trade of Children & life, ... - a website to help those that have suffered trauma, ...

Legal Fictions, dead entity Corporations, the illegal system & the Strawman Birth Certificare Scam, ... : - Meet your Strawman, ...

Media on Trial:

Microwave Technologies/5G/Wifi/Portable&'SMART' Meters/Motorways/Cities/Mobile/Cell Phones/Tablets/Laptops/Games:

Mind Control Hypnotic Trance/Guided Meditation & NLP, ... Reframing & Change Agent Subversion:


"Mutiny on the Bounty", the Criminal Corporate Global Elitists sometimes known as the, "Wizards of Oz" are loosing support, cracks are appearing, their "House of Cards will fall, no where to hide, no where to run, no stone left unturned:

Natural, Common Law Constitution, Police, Justice, Public Servants 
& the Great Constitutional Security Clause: - we the people are the Common Law Courts, ... - a wake up to the British Constitutional Crisis, ... - war & migration crisis planned long ago, ... - Kenn d'Oudney is a Natural & Common Law Constitutional Scholar, ... - an essential campaign to Inform All the Police & Public Servants about the Truth about our Common Law Constitution. - a Practical Lawful Dissent FB Group.

Notices - of Conditional Acceptance, Liability, Rejection, ... :

Safe disposal of Nuclear Waste material through Liquid Thorium Reactors & Russian Tech:

Pantomine for the Audiences: 

'Government's', Politicians', Council's, the Judicary, Police Service's, ... are listed & run as Corporations, ... - the criminal corporate puppets & actors of the Corporation of Parliament. - Michael Meacher RIP - Oct 2015

Peaceful Common Law Constitution Solutions:

People Power, an example of us all Networking, Uniting & Working Together at an Eviction Attempt, .. :

Positive Future Visions & Free Energy Technologies,
World Peace, Harmony, Justice, Prosperity, Cooperation, Abundance, Freedom, ... - A FB Group platform to promote Positive Future Visions & Technologies.

Post 'law'/

The weapon of Reframing & the creation of sociopaths - beware of mind control:

Save Our Trees - Stop 5G & Agenda 2030:

Scandals in the corporate NHS, Care home's, ... : - Neglect, underfunding, understaffing, exploitation, bullying, secrecy, conspiracy, cover-ups, abuse, murder, profits, corruption, duty of care in the 'Care' £££ Industry, ...

Social Engineering & the Orwellian Brave New World/Agenda21/2030:

To be Sovereign or to be Sheeple?:

Spirituality, Love, Kindness, Responsibility, Compassion, Empathy, Forgiveness - 
The Principles of Natural & Common Law:

The truth about Syria, ISIS, White Helmets, ... :

"They don't like it up 'em, ...":

Influential elitist global Think Tanks, NGO's, Secret Societies, Lobbyists, so called Philanthropists & The Chatham House Rule:
Now that you can see through the agendas & masks, what do you really see?

Trusts, ... :

Unalienable Rights versus Inalienable Rights & 'Human' Rights:

Unlawful Bankruptcies, Liquidations & Asset Stripping:
Noel Edmonds Official Website:

Weather Weapon Warfare, Climate Change & Re-wilding aka UN Agenda 21/2030:

Worldwide issues - End the corporate destruction & UNAgenda21/2030 genocides: