Real Greens v. Fake Greens - Part 1

Image By Netherzone - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0

Part one of a two-part investigation into the subversion of the world-wide Green movement and the hidden agendas that lie behind these efforts.

A must-read.

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Real Greens v. Fake Greens - Part 1.pdf


(Part One)

An investigation into the truth about Climate Change, Green Activism and Extinction Rebellion

As the dangerous and life-threatening 5G technology is rolled out across an unsuspecting world…

An extremely Important Message to all the Young and Well-Meaning People Currently Taking Action to Prevent Climate Change

A personal encounter at a high-level meeting in 1982 which completely calls into question man-made or anthropogenic global warming and which exposes how today’s Green Movement is being deliberately steered away from the completely proven truth and what is simply right and just

By Justin Walker of the New Chartist Movement and a prominent activist in the
Green Party from 1978 until 1992

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