Deep State Globalism—by Adrian Price

This article was first published on the Campaign Resources website, from which the latest PDF format version may be downloaded. The article is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 Licence.

My reading over the last ten years has led me to conclude that democracy, freedom, justice and the Rule of Law face existential threats from a powerful confluence of interlocking forces. This document attempts to highlight some of the key aspects of this real global conspiracy.

Deep State Corporatist Globalism is characterised by arrogance, greed, the hunger for power and absolute control of everything and everyone, criminality and corruption and the ascension of sociopaths, psychopaths and paedophiles to unassailable positions of power and influence.

The somewhat daunting list that follows is likely not complete. One could write a book on each of these points, which in the interests of brevity I’ve left as simple bullets (with the implied invitation to conduct your own research).

Corporatist Globalism

  • Creation of a corporate-controlled One World Government, to which the EU is but a stepping stone.
  • Dissolution of nation states through mass immigration, devolution, regionalisation, localism and the so-called ‘international rules-based order’.
  • Despite Brexit, impending and ever-accelerating military union within the EU (see PESCO)[1].
  • The Medical-Military-Industrial-Intelligence Complex (‘MMIIC’).
  • Free Trade Agreements (such as the failed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership ‘TTIP’, the now defunct Trans-Pacific Partnership ‘TPP’ and lately, their bilateral replacements such as the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement ‘CETA’).
    • Aim is to remove all impediments to trade and corporate profits.
    • Threats to environment, health and consumer protection posed by deregulation.
    • Corporations can sue for reputational damage should their wrongdoings be exposed.
    • Threats to justice and democracy posed by the Investor-State Dispute Settlement ‘ISDS’.

[1] Necessitates joint command structure (Command and Control Centres already built & ready for activation at 24 hours’ notice), capital and operational budgets and a Treasury to administer them and raise taxes. When we lose control of our armed forces the nation of Britain will effectively cease to exist. PESCO: Permanent Structured Cooperation.

Global Banking

  • Fractional Reserve Banking and our debt-based monetary system.
  • The move to a cashless society—enables total financial surveillance & control.
  • The Bank for International Settlements (‘BIS’ in Basel, Switzerland)—the central bank for central banks—not subject to the laws of any state, their officials dictate policy to the central banks of the world and enjoy a form of diplomatic immunity.
  • Big banks’ involvement in laundering the proceeds of global criminal enterprise on a massive scale. Dozens of would-be banking whistle-blowers ‘suicided’.
  • ‘Revolving doors’ between banks, regulators and government.
  • The inevitability of the impending US, EU & UK bank crises and governmental bankruptcy, global financial crisis Mk II.
  • Introduction of ‘bail-in’ provision throughout the EU and elsewhere in the world provides the mechanism for the next banking crisis to expropriate the wealth of ordinary bank depositors.
  • The ‘Bradbury Pound’ as the solution to the UK Government’s budgetary woes.
  • The rôle of bankers and the MMIIC in the fomentation of war and conflict all over the world.


  • An emerging totalitarian global dictatorship.
  • Tony Blair’s ‘Third Way’ and David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’: a pernicious blend of capitalism for the corporations and communism for the masses.
  • Localism, City States and the Global Parliament of Mayors—simulacra of local democracy but in actuality a means of centralising control through elite networking.
  • State-administered ‘social credit scores’—a mechanism for enforcing social control and uniformity: impacting personal freedoms and outlawing dissenters. This is already well underway in China.
  • Legislation with an acceptable overt purpose but a sinister covert purpose, enabled by loose definitions and conferring wide-ranging powers upon authorities.
  • Meritocracy, otherwise misleadingly known as ‘participatory democracy’, being rule by specially selected and trained but unaccountable ‘thought leaders’ and experts.
  • Infiltration of all national institutions by tens of thousands (130,000+ in one estimate) of networked Communitarian ‘change agents’ and ‘thought leaders’ furthering EU and globalist aims, trained by the secretive Common Purpose pseudo-charity and related organisations.
  • Mass privatisation of public functions, including the NHS, the armed forces, the emergency services, the court system, prisons, etc. already well underway.
  • The ‘separation of powers’ principle systematically eroded, with ever-increasing cooperation, colocation and flows of highly sensitive personal information between the Police, Social Services, the Health Service, schools and education authorities. Initiatives include the Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangement (‘MAPPA’), the ‘Prevent’ strategy, the ‘Fusion Doctrine’ and other manifestations.
  • Ever more intrusive state involvement and interventions in the lives of families and their children, as prototyped in Scotland with the ‘Named Person’ scheme and ‘Getting it Right for Every Child’ (‘GIRFEC’). The spurious concept of ‘wellbeing’, loosely defined in entirely subjective terms, used as the pretext for such involvements and interventions. Loss of parental rights.
  • The planned destruction of the middle classes through the removal of their wealth and property.

Cultural Marxism

  • The systematic undermining of all cultural norms and values, intended to destroy society so that following its collapse it may be rebuilt on Communitarian principles.
  • ‘Critical Theory’—the relentless criticism of Western culture, values and history.
  • Normalisation of sex change operations, body modification, tattoos, piercings, etc.
  • Promotion of homosexuality and anal sex in school sex education lessons.
  • Promotion of LGBTQX agenda and gender identity politics to de-normalise heterosexuality and undermine the married couple and family as the basic unit of society.
  • The deliberate polarisation of society through the promotion of minorities, special interest groups and amplification of differences of opinion held throughout the political spectrum.


  • Ever more intrusive surveillance through CCTV, TVs, phones, computers, social media, RFID, biometrics, vehicle trackers, number plate, facial & gait recognition.
  • Repeated attempts by government to outlaw encrypted communications.
  • Increasing control and censorship in web search engines and social media such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.
  • Many alternative media & news services & commentators ‘shadow banned’, de-platformed or demonetised; payment processing services withdrawn for political reasons.
  • The Internet of Things (‘IoT’)—massive amounts of personal data collected via ubiquitous connected SMART devices.
  • Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) & Robotics—increasing use of AI for taking critical decisions and automation replacing human workers.
  • Big Data and AI techniques leading to ‘Minority Report’ style ‘pre-crime’ surveillance and related offences.
  • The human micro-chipping agenda—Big Brother will always know your whereabouts and control your assets.
  • Transhumanism—merging humans with technological enhancements.
  • Geo-engineering—weather control & weaponization by technological means, with unknown safety & side-effects.
  • Technology Suppression—numerous ‘free energy’ and other beneficial technologies suppressed by the MMIIC.
  • Nanotechnology.

Propaganda, Illusion and Mind Control

  • Suppression of freedom of thought and expression through political correctness, diversity, multiculturalism and oppressive legislation, along with the systematic destruction of the nuances of the English language (Orwellian ‘new-speak’).
  • Censorship of the Internet, starting with social media. De-platforming and demonetisation of sites & feeds with conservative and alternative viewpoints.
  • Ad hominem attacks upon dissenting commentators through terms like ‘conspiracy theories’, ‘far right’, ‘hate speech’, ‘fake news’, ‘racism’, ‘xenophobia’.
  • The promotion of lively debate but trammelled within narrow bounds such that the real issues never get exposed or discussed.
  • Mass disinformation by means of logical fallacies promulgated through a controlled mainstream media whose journalistic integrity has been terminally compromised.
  • Use of Delphi and related techniques to create false consensus in fake community consultations.
  • Psy-ops—mass brainwashing via applied behavioural psychology, predictive programming, operant conditioning.
  • The Government’s Behavioural Insights Team (the ‘Nudge unit’)—changing your mind, beliefs and behaviour without your conscious awareness.
  • The ‘Global Warming’ psy-op—the pretext for green taxes & de-industrialisation of the West.

UN Agenda 21/2030 and World Government

  • Smart Cities, Smart Meters, Smart Appliances, Smart Motorways = total surveillance/control.
  • Total control of all resources, animal, vegetable and mineral, including human.
  • The Wildlands Project, Making Space for Water.
  • The human depopulation agenda. The UN has ‘adopted policies’ to eliminate 75–95% of the human population.
  • Much, much more besides…

The British Constitution & the Rule of Law

  • EU Treaties violate the British Constitution and Parliament exceeded its constitutional authority. The treaties are therefore null and void and their signatories guilty of Treason.
  • The British Constitution and English Common Law receiving ever-decreasing prominence in law syllabuses. See the British Constitution Group (‘BCG’) and the New Chartist Movement.
  • The loss of the vital protections of true constitutional democracy such as Trial by Jury, Habeas Corpus, Double Jeopardy.
  • Surreptitious introduction of the continental ‘Corpus Juris’ judicial system.
  • Corruption in the UK Police, Judiciary, Government agencies and contracted corporations.


  • Mass immigration causing a ‘clash of civilisations’ intended to result in massive civil unrest, to provide the pretext for the introduction of further oppressive legislation, surveillance and martial law.
  • Arming and militarisation of the Police, state sanctioned corporate enforcement & thuggery.
  • Infiltration of religions by Sabbatean-Frankist & Wahhabi[2] blood cults: fake Christians, fake Jews and fake Moslems perpetrating acts of terror to advance the Deep State’s global agenda.
  • False flag operations. See Gladio, Gladio B, and the Strategy of Tension.
  • The profound importance of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attacks, falsely attributed to Islamic terrorists, provided the pretext for wars of aggression throughout the Middle East and the erosion of basic rights at home (US ‘Patriot Act’). The official 9/11 narrative is so full of holes you could drive a bus through it.

Unethical Anglo-US Foreign Policy

  • Western instigation of and support for colour revolutions and Islamic terrorism in furtherance of globalist agendas. See the Project for a New American Century (‘PNAC’), the ‘Great Game’ and so on.
  • Destabilisation & regime change in middle eastern countries such as Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, now Syria and in plan, Iran.
  • EU-NATO expansionism, largely baseless anti-Russian propaganda.

Think Tanks, Pseudo-Charities & Secret Societies

The following organisations exercise an inordinate amount of secret power and influence over national or global affairs and Anglo-US foreign policy in particular.

  • The ‘Committee of 300’
  • The Freemasons
  • The Royal Institute for International Affairs (Chatham House)
  • The Club of the Isles
  • The Tavistock Institute of Human Relations
  • The ‘Common Purpose’ pseudo-charity
  • The Council on Foreign Relations
  • The Trilateral Commission
  • The Club of Rome
  • The Bilderberg Group
  • The Fabian Society
  • The Frankfurt School
  • The Skull and Bones Society
  • Many others… 

Child Abuse

  • Establishment paedophile rings involving powerful individuals at the very heart of the state.
  • Premature sexualisation of children through ever-earlier sex education, including the promotion of LGBTQX agendas.
  • Police involvement in and failure to investigate child trafficking, prostitution and abuse.
  • Succession of (intentionally?) failed child abuse inquiries (cover-ups).
  • Child stealing by the State—children are valuable assets for profiteering children’s homes and adoption agencies.
  • The secret operations of the Family Court and the Court of Protection.

Health & Food

  • GMOs. The USA’s ‘Monsanto Protection Act’—coming soon to a Trading Partner near you!
  • Deleterious health effects of environmental toxins, modern farming practices, fertilizers, herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, feed & food additives, antibiotics, hormones and so on.
  • Deleterious health effects of EM radiation, particularly Wi-Fi and 3/4/5G ‘phone wavebands.
  • Dangers to the environment, animal and human health posed by fracking.
  • Biopiracy—the appropriation of natural products by patented genetic modifications.
  • Codex Alimentarius and the assault on natural medicine and nutritional values.
  • 102 (and counting) natural medicine practitioners murdered on account of the threat they pose to Big Pharma.
  • Systematic suppression of inexpensive and highly effective cancer treatments such as GcMAF.
  • Vaccine safety (lack thereof)—the biggest public health scandal in human history. Appalling corruption in pharmaceutical industry & regulatory bodies, fake science, cover-ups. Persecution of vaccine safety whistle-blowers. The last bastion of individual sovereignty, your body, to be violated by forthcoming compulsory vaccination programmes. See the documentaries ‘The Truth About Vaccines’, ‘Vaccines Revealed’, ‘Vaxxed’, ‘Trace Amounts’, ‘Vaccine Syndrome’, ‘Bought’.
  • ‘Revolving doors’ between Big Pharma, regulators and government.
  • The abuse of psychiatry provides a means to incarcerate dissenters and whistle-blowers.

How Can We Stop This?

The Restoration Amendment

A true state of democracy, freedom and justice is only possible when the power of government is constitutionally limited, when government and its agencies operate accountably and transparently, where the Rule of Law ensures that no-one is immune from prosecution and most importantly where the people are sovereign and in Trial by Jury, Jurors have the power to judge the law itself and to annul prosecutions and enforcement of poor or unjust legislation by pronouncing the Not Guilty verdict. This and other important freedoms were emplaced in England in 1215 by Magna Carta, which guarantees justice through Trial by Jury, wherein the jurors are the true judges, empowered to decide for themselves the admissibility of evidence, the moral status of the defendant (did they act with mens rea–criminal intent and/or malice aforethought?), to set the sentence, and the constitutional right–duty even–to acquit defendants charged under unjust laws.

Sadly, in Britain eight hundred years later, many such elements of our constitutional birth-right and English Common Law heritage have been eroded or unlawfully revoked by successive governments, and we are left with a mere simulacrum of democracy and justice. Unless constitutionally bridled, governments and the corrupt, criminal vested interests which secretly control them inexorably seek ever more power and wield it with ever less accountability.

One indispensable element in the resistance against the growing tyranny of government and deep state corporatist globalism is the Restoration Amendment—the full restoration of our English Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution.

For a detailed and discussion of these all-important topics, you are recommended to read Kenn d’Oudney’s comprehensive and scholarly work DEMOCRACY DEFINED—The Manifesto (ISBN 978-1-902848-26-6), available through all good booksellers. See also the Democracy Defined Campaign’s web site

What Can I Do?

I realise that much of the above might be viewed as contentious since the majority of the populace is effectively asleep and unaware, having been distracted or lulled into complacency by the false narratives of a controlled, compromised mainstream media. However, the longer I study these subjects the surer I become that we truly are in the grip of an all-encompassing and audacious power grab at the hands of a criminal global elite with a very sinister agenda indeed. Our cause as the guardians of truth, freedom and justice must surely be to help both activists and the people at large to awaken, educate themselves and see the world as it really is—to ‘take the red pill’ in the parlance of the allegorical film ‘The Matrix’—and then to go out into the world and do something about it!

We invite you to join the growing international community of Truth Activists and:

  • Educate yourself on these and related topics.
  • Subscribe to member-supported independent news outlets such as the UK Column and 21st Century Wire.
  • Write to / e-mail your local councillor / MP / MEP.
  • Use social media to hold Deep State operatives and 'useful idiots' to account.
  • Complain to regulatory-bodies / corporations / organizations.
  • Make Freedom of Information (FOI) requests.
  • Tell your friends, relatives, neighbours.
  • Phone into local or national radio programmes.
  • Write to newspapers.
  • Download this document and leaflets from, print and distribute them locally.
  • Keep all communications factual and courteous but firm.


The foregoing is by no means a complete list of headings or individual issues. The mainstream news rarely if ever covers these topics but there are any number of alternative/independent news outlets which do—I have links to scores of such websites if you are interested but for now here are some of my personal favourites: