Building Universal Community Truth Media Networks

It has become a hot topic and discussion especially over the last couple of years with regards to unprofessional shoddy journalism, propaganda mind control journalism and even the extremes of outright fake news where bare-faced lies or half-truths have been pushed as credible and relevant news stories. 

The feedback that we often receive is that many people want a better quality news & media service that delivers independent, factual, accurate and relevant news reports with no hidden agendas and opinions from so called experts with vested interests. 

We the people obviously deserve the best quality news and media and it's about time that we receive this. 

Unfortunately it has now got to a point now that the people have lost so much trust and faith in the Corporate State Mainstream Media. As the saying goes, "If we want something done properly we have to do it ourselves." 

The time has now come that we all need to build our own Universal Independent Truth Media Networks, to instantly share or make accessible all the important truths with our all our brothers and sisters from the grass roots of every community and then to share this with the entire population of the world.

Written and shared by a New Chartist Movement supporter.