Unless we can wake people up quickly to what's really going on, and then to come together to peacefully confront the perpetrators, we're finished as a sovereign nation and as a free and lawful country

The corporate and banking Deep State, completely supported by the Zionist State of Israel, is about to transform British politics forever and put to a complete end all British hopes of ever being allowed to leave the burgeoning European Union Superstate - a project so beloved of the financial and elitist psychopaths with their Orwellian ambitions for eventual global governance on completely corporate terms. The close down of all our ancient freedoms and traditions has started and we are now staring directly at tyranny as a period of major and completely contrived political upheaval begins at Westminster.

We already know that our military, through the very little known PESCO process, is being absorbed completely into the emerging command and control structures of the EU. We also know that our police are being trained to no longer give any real weight or credence to our ancient and protective Common Law, preferring instead to become corporate upholders and enforcers of statutes and acts passed by ignorant, self-serving and, in many cases, treasonous politicians in London, Brussels and elsewhere under the continental system of Roman Civil Law. And when it comes to our judiciary and legal system, there has now been a treasonous desertion away from our Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution as judges unlawfully run Star Chamber courts (without juries) so that they can uphold and advance the aspirations and real agenda of the corporate Deep State.

On June 23rd 2016, the British people, after a long, intensive and exhausting campaign, made their decision: By a majority of 1,269,500 people, they voted to leave the European Union. It was a clear majority - democracy had prevailed! But now we see a complete blurring of that lawfully arrived-at decision as those well-paid and rewarded political servants of the Deep State muddy the waters to deliberately frustrate the clear intention of the British people. It is obvious that the 'Remainers' within the political class are not going to accept the majority's decision; neither will the powerful corporate and financial bodies within the City of London; nor the chattering ‘progressive’ movement that’s made up of well-meaning but extremely naïve and ignorant ‘liberals’.   And, as 'Project Fear' is deliberately ratcheted up to scare the more temperate Brexiteers back into the Remain camp, the Deep State is now orchestrating and bringing about a complete change in the political spectrum – a change so great that Britain will effectively become a single party state for a long time to come.

So, let’s look at what’s happening on this (completely contrived) political spectrum.  Let’s start off by looking at what is referred to in the popular media as the ‘Far Right’ by stating immediately, without any hesitation whatsoever, that Tommy Robinson is a complete and utter fraud!  This one-time football thug has now become the darling poster boy (complete with new teeth!) to end radical Islam whist restoring our Freedom of Speech.   

Now, what the Asian and Muslim grooming gangs are doing to young girls is truly appalling and, if found guilty by a randomly selected jury in a Common Law court, then the book should be thrown at them with the wrong-doers going to prison for a very long time indeed.  But it’s very strange how Tommy and his immediate circle of supporters are only concerned about Muslim child abusers.  It’s strange how he and his close associates will never comment on or publicise the appalling case concerning the state torture and imprisonment of child abuse victim and whistle-blower Melanie Shaw.  Nor will they openly support and publicise the compelling evidence of former Metropolitan Police detective, John Wedger, and how he witnessed at first hand a huge cover-up to protect the paedophile rings within the British Establishment.  Tommy and his mates are only interested in whipping up anger against the Muslims living in this country.  Why?

Well, the answer is very simple indeed.  Tommy Robinson is a self-confessed Zionist who has been to, and has been feted by, Israel and whose recent high profile campaign to have him released from prison was largely bankrolled by the Middle East Forum – a significant and influential American Zionist-controlled pressure group that supports a total outright military victory by Israel over the Palestinians in order to sort out this Middle East ‘problem’ once and for all.  So, Tommy’s little spat with ‘Militant Islam’ (bearing in mind that the Deep State and not the Muslims carried out the attacks on 9/11 which means that the whole so-called ‘War on Terror’ is actually bogus and a complete charade) fits the bill perfectly for the Zionists and the Deep State who want a ‘Clash of Civilisations’ in order to create the chaos and violence needed on the streets to justify bringing in the Orwellian legislation required to ensure a completely compliant and obedient British nation on their terms…whilst no doubt ‘protecting’ our inalienable rights to Free Speech.  And what is also significant, is that Gerard Batten has taken his mauled UKIP into this new political grouping on the Far Right and is now boasting that they’ve just recruited 3,000 new members.  

So, from the Far Right, let’s now move across to the Left of this contrived political spectrum and what do we see?  Well, we see that those pesky little Zionists are at it again, only this time they are trying to close down Free Speech!  The accusations of anti-Semitism within the Labour Party that suddenly blew up out of nowhere was no accident.  Just as with Tommy Robinson, this was planned!  

It’s clear to anyone that the Labour Party is not anti-Jewish but is, quite rightly, critical of the Zionist State of Israel with its harsh and often deadly treatment of the Palestinian people.  But the threat that Jeremy’s bandwagon could get all the way to Number Ten had to be dealt with – the Deep State cannot allow the threat of having a Labour Government that’s genuinely critical of Israel and all that that pariah state stands for.  So, the knives came out and the Deep State Zionists, masquerading as Jews, have now created a civil war within Labour’s ranks in order to close down the Freedom of Speech thus preventing any future effective criticism of Israel.  The Labour bandwagon has for now been stopped.

But now back to the Brexit debate which is what it’s all about.  The Conservative Party has also got its own, totally contrived, civil war within its ranks.  May’s government (that’s totally controlled by the City of London and the Deep State) has, as planned, made a complete hash of the Brexit negotiations so far.  The British people are weary and the more right-wing Brexiteers are now starting to be drawn towards this new grouping on the Far Right.  Meanwhile, the ‘wait and see’ indecision in the Labour ranks on Brexit and what it is that Jeremy Corbyn will eventually support, is causing more and more Labour activists to be drawn towards those (pro-Zionist) MPs who are directly critical of Corbyn and who want to see a complete re-think on the EU and are now more sympathetic towards a Second Referendum to reverse the first one.

So, there we have it.  Contrived and carefully orchestrated turmoil within the Labour and Conservative Parties with the Deep State controlled mainstream media carefully manoeuvring and linking those who want to leave the EU without an agreement (the ‘Hard Brexiteers’) with this new UKIP Far Right Grouping that’s now emerging around Tommy Robinson.  The stage is now set for the emergence of the new ‘Big Idea’ to save the nation from itself!  What’s coming will be akin to the late Roy Jenkin’s SDP on Viagra!

We know from leaked media reports and political gossip that a lot of plotting has been going on behind the scenes.  The leading ‘Remainers’, including, of course, Tony Blair and son Euan, have been networking and seeking financial backing for the launch of a new political party/grouping/alliance that will seize the central ground (whatever that is?) of British politics and which will take away a small but decisive number of MPs from the two main parties which, in turn, will trigger a General Election as May will no longer have the numbers needed to govern the country.  With a boasted war-chest of £50 million (almost certainly Deep State money), coupled with the support of the Governor of the Bank of England, Big Business and the City of London, this new pro-EU ‘arrangement’ of the centre, in close alliance with the Liberal Democrats, Greens and the SNP, will mesmerise, frighten and totally deceive the gullible and weary British electorate into voting for them.  What we will see is a French-style Macron sweeping into power to immediately reverse the EU Referendum thus ensuring that the Deep State (and Israel) are left alone to organise their real agenda towards the human race.

You have been warned!  Only getting out the real truth about everything will save the day.

Justin Walker - 09/08/2018