05 Feb

Nobody wants a European Union Superstate dominated by the bankers, the corporate oligarchs and their chosen and thoroughly corrupted politicians.

We want a Europe made up of truly independent and sovereign countries cooperating and working together in harmony and truth.

We want a Europe that is driven by values and where the ordinary people are in charge and not the ‘dark grey suits’ that make up the debt-creating criminal bankers and corporate oligarchs.

We want a Europe where Natural and Common Law take precedence and you are considered innocent until proved guilty and you are judged by a jury of your randomly selected peers and not politically appointed judges.

We want a Europe where independent countries harness Sovereign National Credit by having their treasuries create debt-free and interest-free money that’s based solely on these countries’ wealth and creativity in order to provide the liquidity needed to achieve real wealth and prosperity for all.

We want a Europe that closes down the European Central Bank and which withdraws completely from the private and criminal debt-creating central banking system led by the virtually unknown Bank for International Settlements (BIS) - in essence the complete removal of all debt-based banking systems.

We want a Europe where the truth and hidden history can finally be revealed.

We want a Europe which benefits from open and benign science including the taking up of Free Energy technologies as discovered by Nikola Tesla. 

We want a Europe that is completely transparent and which has a genuinely free and independent media, unlike the manipulated fake news mass media of today.

We want a Europe that does not have the unelected, unaccountable and draconian European Commission but instead has some form of coordinating and facilitating Assembly that is made up, not of career and party-driven politicians, but of ordinary people elected to serve for their wisdom, integrity, humility and compassion and who put people before agenda-driven policy.

We want a Europe of goodwill with free trade, free movement for leisure, education and travel whilst still keeping in place common sense firm and secure borders from those wishing us harm.

We want a Europe free from all child trafficking and child abuse, especially targeting those paedophile rings operating at the very highest levels of the political class.

We want a Europe where the family unit’s rights are protected and are put first.

We want a Europe that truly protects its ecosystems and which allows wildlife and nature to flourish.

We want a Europe that enjoys an integrated, efficient, and inter-country public transport system.

We want a Europe that promotes human-scale, humane and natural organic farming practices in order to provide top quality nutritional food for all.

We want a Europe with health services that put the patient first before the interests of the pharmaceutical corporations with their inflated costs and, in some cases, increased risks.  

We want a Europe where the resources and intelligence of all the sovereign nations’ police services work in effective cooperation and harmony in order to defeat organised crime and to make all of the streets of Europe truly safe from those who wish us harm.

We want a Europe where all the sovereign countries’ armed services can cooperate together in a non-threatening way, especially when it comes to providing rapid and effective humanitarian help in emergency situations.

And finally, we want a Europe that cooperates with the rest of the world in a thoroughly positive and constructive way.  And when all countries globally embrace the same principles that this new European Confederation will have, especially the common-sense creation of real money through Sovereign National Credit, you will see an immediate end to nearly all economic migration – people prefer to stay in the countries they were born in and within the communities they grew up in where their families and friends live.

So, what does all this mean?  It means that Europe will become a peaceful, stable and prosperous continent that seeks at all time the unquestioning betterment of all without the criminal engagement of the banking and corporate elite who will just wither away and become powerless as the ordinary people - the 99% - take over.