30 Oct


By Justin Walker  campaign coordinator for the New Chartist Movement

It really is now becoming quite obvious – despite the rhetoric and shenanigans from both sides of the Brexit debate, it’s clear that our political class as a whole do not want the historic 2016 Referendum decision to be properly upheld and indeed carried out.  

And nothing illustrates this better than the current very strange behaviour of the Leave Means Leave campaign towards researchers who have uncovered the hidden agenda concerning the future relationship of our Armed Services with the European Union.

But before we explore this further, please take a little time to visit www.ukcolumn.org/defence and look at the overwhelming evidence that the process of ‘Military Unification’ between Britain and the EU is continuing to take place at an ever-increasing rate despite the clear Brexit verdict of the British people. Our conventional forces, our defence industries and even our nuclear deterrent are all being steadily absorbed into the operational and decision-making processes of the European Union.  And it’s now becoming increasingly obvious to the casual observer that this is the proverbial white elephant in the room as both sides of the Brexit debate refuse outright to engage in any sort of meaningful dialogue about what’s really happening beneath the radar to Britain’s Armed Services.

So, what is actually happening to them and why?

Well, let’s briefly push the clock back to the mid 1950s.  The post-war so-called ‘European Project’ – which was endorsed and encouraged both by the newly-formed and very influential Bilderberg Group and the secretive and privately-run Bank for International Settlements (that effectively controls the world’s money supply) – led directly to the establishment of the European Economic Community (EEC) which then morphed undemocratically into the European Union that we know today. It was the brainchild and creation of big business and central banking whose operational centre still lies today within the confines of the ancient City of London. 

The raison detre for this European Union was simple:  it was, and is, an important part of a grand scheme to create an eventual form of global governance that’s led by a powerful corporate and financial cabal of oligarchs at the expense of historic and sovereign nation states.   These global corporatists and central bankers (known collectively by serious researchers as the ‘Deep State’) loath with a vengeance the unreliability and unpredictability that’s shown by nearly all sovereign nation states, many of whom are seemingly committed not to the authoritarian and fixed ways of the corporate world but to the principles of democratic accountability and to real social justice for their people.  Plus, most governments of sovereign nations do not willingly wish to give up one bit of their sovereignty to the private financial and corporate sector (as was being planned with the abandoned TTIP process but which would re-emerge if the so-called ‘Super Canada Brexit Plan’ was accepted and implemented).

But what better or more immediate way is there for the ‘Deep State’ to break down the sovereignty of a nation state than to bring about the complete emasculation of that nation state’s ability to defend itself…and this is what the corporate and financial cabal are now doing by rapidly advancing the EU Military Unification (PESCO) process.  Regardless of the Brexit decision, the command and control of our Armed Services (with the full connivance of most of our leading politicians) will very soon be locked into the EU decision-making process.  We will effectively lose control over our nation’s ability to defend itself on the pretence that this is the logical, efficient and progressive way to use our now very limited and (deliberately) shrunk military capabilities… and the British people have no real inkling at all of what’s happening - as they don’t with what the City of London is really about. 

The mind-set that makes up the City of London has, over many centuries, created and overseen wars, financial collapses and regime changes.  It seeks to control both sides in any conflict and both sides in any democracy…and where there is only a dictator, that dictator will enjoy special privileges unless, of course, he goes rogue on them in which case another dictator is then ‘selected’.  And this direct interference is especially prevalent here in Britain where, in the Houses of Parliament, the virtually unknown City Remembrancer holds sway and where ambitious politicians can be bought or blackmailed to put the City of London first before what’s best for their electorates and for our country.

It’s clear to any serious researcher of the City of London and the ‘Deep State’ that the Referendum result would not be allowed to stand.  Even the day after the result, when many were on the streets celebrating, many of us knew that extreme efforts would now be made to frustrate and eventually overturn the ‘people’s vote’ by bogging down the Brexit process in a quagmire of indecision, obfuscation and distractions, not to mention a complete refusal to embrace our Common Law Constitution which proved beyond all doubt that we were originally taken into the EEC by the use of High Treason!     

So, with all this in mind, we now come to the Leave Means Leave campaign.  Rallies were held in Bolton, Birmingham, Torquay, Bournemouth, Gateshead and Harrogate…and only once was the planned Military Unification of our Armed Services mentioned and that was at the first rally in Bolton where I interrupted the official proceedings – you can witness my effort here and see the response it provoked:  


This elicited the response from Leave Means Leave’s Chairman, John Longworth, that the Armed Services were "absolutely top of our agenda".

The Birmingham Rally then occurred and when it went up on YouTube in its entirety, it became very clear that Military Unification was not top of their agenda as there was not one word mentioned about it during the entire rally.  Realising that another intervention on behalf of our Armed Services was required, we set about designing a special leaflet for the attendees of the Torquay Rally.

Here is the text of that leaflet of which two thousand were eventually handed out to the people going to this Rally – the positive reception we received from nearly everyone was clear proof that ordinary people know deep down that something is very wrong indeed with what’s happening to our Armed Services:



British troops under EU command and control on a EU military mission three weeks ago. We were told by MPs that this would never happen, but it has... and it has the official blessing of the German Government.


...and strangely our leading Brexit MPs are completely reluctant to talk about it. Why? What is REALLY going on here?

The European Union Military Unification of our Armed Services is actually happening at an increasing rate even though we are supposed to be only months away from leaving the EU. Our politicians on both sides of the Brexit Debate are doing absolutely nothing about this. And this includes the campaign group Leave Means Leave – it took a member of the audience to interrupt the proceedings right at the end of their very recent Bolton rally before Military Unification was even mentioned... and even then, the body language on the stage suggested that this was not a welcome interruption.

And guess what, Military Unification wasn't even mentioned once at the Birmingham Rally despite having been told by the Chairman, John Longworth, that the Armed Services "were top of our agenda"!  

And what is this Military Unification? Its purpose is to unify the military command and control elements of the different EU member states into one unit that comes under the direct command of the European Union.

We are to lose the control of our nation’s ability to defend itself. And we can also be dragged into any military intervention that’s not of our making. The plan has always been to see the creation of a European Union Superstate that has the ability to project its own military power and capabilities. And it also involves the full-blown merger of British defence procurement, industry and training. This is unbelievably serious – our country will become effectively defenceless and no longer sovereign and independent.

And if you want evidence of this betrayal of our armed services, just look at the Royal Navy today. Since the Falklands War in 1982, the number of escort surface ships have been slashed from 61 to 19 due to financial and budgetary constraints (which, by the way, are a complete lie – research the Treasury-issued 1914 Bradbury Pound to see the truth about government money creation). This means that we do not have the operational ability to escort our two new super-carriers – a task that will now include the French Navy plus other European naval units. For a maritime nation, this is the ultimate betrayal.

Proposed PA2 French Carrier – very similar to the Queen Elizabeth class – cancelled in 2013. Why? Could it be that there are plans in Whitehall for our two new carriers to become the mainstay of the new European Navy? 

So, we have to ask these questions. Is this Leave Means Leave campaign batting with a straight bat? Is there a giant deception plan going on here that we, the people, do not know about? 

Make your voice heard today at this rally – ask the politicians to explain this Military Unification process. Ask them what is happening. And ask them what they, personally, are going to do about it. Don’t let any of them off the hook! We don't want silly loud music and US-style razzamatazz today at this Rally, we want ANSWERS! Make sure we get them! 

ukcolumn.org/defence (read about the Franco British Council) newchartistmovement.org.uk (read The Six Requirements)

Three hours before the rally was due to start, myself and Alan Mock bumped into Richard Tice who, along with Nigel Farage, is vice-chairman of Leave Means Leave.  It all started friendly enough with us handing him a copy of the leaflet but as soon as we mentioned Military Unification and he read in the leaflet that we had our doubts about Leave Means Leave’s commitment to our Armed Services, his demeanour towards us changed.  

He told us that he was upset by our insinuations, especially as he personally had started this campaign and was bank-rolling it with his own money.   Realising that he now wished to end this exchange, I played what I considered to be my trump card.  I asked him had he ever heard of the term ‘Deep State’.  His response was one of puzzlement.  So, I decided to be more specific – “Have you ever heard of the Bilderberg Group?”.  His response was an immediate and very clear, “No!”.

Now this is from a man who’s been fully immersed in big business all his life and who is currently CEO of the asset management group Quidnet Capital LLP...


He is also someone who is politically astute and who has willingly plunged headlong into the Brexit debate by putting himself right up there, publicly, onto the centre stage… and he’s asking us to believe that he’s never heard of the Bilderberg Group. Sorry, but I just don’t find this believable!

We ended our meeting with Richard Tice with him telling us that under no circumstances were we to hand out our leaflet to the people going to his rally and that we, despite being ticket-holders, were to be barred from attending!  

Needless to say, we were somewhat taken aback and upset by this unhelpful response, especially as we were clearly representing the interests of the Armed Services.  Surely a more reasonable approach to our leaflet…assuming of course that Leave Means Leave is being completely transparent and honourable…would have been to invite us to voice our concerns at the actual rally itself, especially in view of the fact that the campaign’s chairman, John Longworth, had announced in Bolton that our Armed Services were definitely at the top of Leave Means Leave’s agenda. 

But I suppose we shouldn’t have been that surprised at Richard’s response to our leaflet – go to... 


...and see the public faces behind this Brexit campaign. What you have here is a list of serious business and financial supporters for the City of London. What you do not see here are any constitutional experts or defence analysts. It’s not hard to see from this list that this group of people are broadly sympathetic with the aims of big business and high finance – in other words, people of a corporate mind-set who are likely to be more sympathetic to the aims of the ‘Deep State’ rather than the ideals of a sovereign and truly independent nation.

And, finally, have a look at this current page on the Leave Means Leave website which shows the full footage of all of their rallies… bar one:


Don’t you find it strange that the first rally, the Bolton Rally, isn’t listed?  Could it be that someone spoiled the script? Could it be that they don’t want people to see that, under pressure, they had said that defence was at the “top of our agenda” only for it never to be mentioned again at any of the other five rallies?  In fact, there is not one single mention about our Armed Services or Britain’s ability to defend itself on their website – a damning omission, surely?   We’ve always known that the ‘Deep State’ likes to control both sides of a debate or argument so that they can steer on their hidden agenda unnoticed and unimpeded.  Well, in my very humble opinion, this is exactly what’s going on here with Leave Means Leave – but I really hope that I can be proved totally wrong because it has given me absolutely no pleasure at all to write this article.

Here are the contact details for Leave Means Leave so that you can leave your concerns – let’s put them under real and sustained pressure to come clean about Military Unification:

Address: 83 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0HW

General Enquiries: 0203 585 4085

Media Enquiries: 07888 667893

Email: contact@leavemeansleave.eu