03 Aug

Well done Brexiteers… well done Remainers…

We're all on the road to tyranny!

Let’s all stop this divisive squabbling over Brexit and take a long hard look at what Deep State – the ‘one per cent’ in the City of London – are planning for each and every one of us.

The secretive, hidden and globalist ‘Deep State’, which has spent decades percolating itself throughout the British political class, is clearly up to no good!  Those self-serving and completely dysfunctional financial elitists, who continue to believe that they have some sort of divine and natural right to ‘rule’ and ‘legislate’ over us, are planning and scheming a corporate ‘Big Brother’ future for the world that any reader of George Orwell’s novel 1984 would immediately recognise.

And what they’re scheming just confirms why we are all completely disillusioned and suspicious of professional and grasping politicians, bankers, lawyers, not to mention the owners and controllers of the mainstream media. This assemblage of utterly corrupted and agenda-driven individuals, who collectively go to make up a large part of the proverbial and powerful ‘one per cent’ in our country, are presently manoeuvring and manipulating an alien and corporate system of ‘governance’ and ‘justice’ for our country that will see all of our ancient Common Law freedoms, traditions and safeguards lost forever. It’s a political, legal and financial system that’s become so corrupt and invasive that all of our lives are now becoming increasingly more micro-managed by the state to such an extent that we, the British people, regardless of race, creed, colour or social standing, are all starting to feel increasingly fatalistic, miserable, fearful, not to mention debt-laden.

To everyone involved with the ongoing Brexit process - that’s both the Brexiteers and the Remainers - we must stop our arguing and mudslinging and come together quickly as one united and sovereign country that’s armed solely with the completely proven truth.  And that truth is now very clear to see. Without any exception whatsoever, we, the 99%, are ALL being completely scammed, deceived and entrapped by those who are in positions of trust and service and who are supposedly there to oversee our nation’s well-being, security and prosperity.

And if you want complete proof of this, look no further than how we, as a nation, are suffering from a deliberate and planned shortage of money to meet the essential needs of our country. Austerity is nothing but an appalling scam!  Just look at the atrocious and continuing under-resourcing of the NHS and social care so that we can’t properly look after the sick, the elderly and the vulnerable in our society. Just look at the way we are cutting back on our armed services and community policing!  And just look how we are leaving our young people with a debt mountain to climb to pay off their university education. It’s all quite deliberate, and it’s all about reducing our freedoms so that the hidden Deep State can achieve even more control over us.  But worst of all, we are all the victims of an enormous lie – a lie that can only succeed because of our collective ignorance, apathy and stupidity!

We are told by our political class that the only way our country’s finances can be raised is by having a complex and invasive taxation system that’s backed up by borrowing money (to fund the inevitable shortfall or ‘deficit’ between government taxation receipts and government expenditure) from the private financial and banking sector which, in turn, invariably leads to an increase in our ever-spiralling upwards national debt.  This is just not true!  We are all being deceived on a truly massive scale! This deliberate scarcity of money for the essential needs of our country is because our leading politicians, right across the political spectrum, are in bed with the ‘one per cent’ and not with the British people who voted them in. They would rather serve the City of London and the private central bankers. And the really scary thing is that most of our elected servants have absolutely no idea about what is really going on - and that includes being completely ignorant about the virtually unknown and highly secretive Bank for International Settlements (BIS) – a bank that not only controls the Bank of England along with fifty-nine other central banks (including the Federal Reserve), but is also responsible for around 95% of the world’s money.

The real truth about money creation and money supply is being deliberately withheld from the general public. The simple fact is this: any sovereign nation, such as ours, can create, issue and control, through its treasury, debt-free and interest-free money (Sovereign National Credit) that is based solely and solidly on the wealth and creativity (labour potential) of that nation. Within HM Treasury, this very simple and effective fiscal process is known as M0 (zero) at 100% and was last used to great effect in August 1914 when the Treasury-issued ‘Bradbury Pound’ stopped a complete collapse of Britain’s financial system at the outbreak of the First World War. It was used then to actually support the ‘one per cent’ and to prevent their collapse from power and influence at a time when Britain was mobilising for total war – a war that many researchers now believe was both encouraged and organised by the financial elite themselves. Certainly, the Second World War had all the hallmarks of effective involvement by the private bankers – just research the early financial support the Nazis received from Wall Street and the City of London.

The 20th Century saw Europe devastated twice. Neither Remainers or Brexiteers ever want to see such a conflagration break out in Europe again. To all of us, who are not part of this Deep State ‘one per cent’, Europe is a wonderful and diverse random patchwork of small and medium-sized sovereign nations – all with their own cultures, traditions and history. And what do we all want to see for the future?  We all want to live in peace together, as we wish to with the rest of the world. We all want to enjoy prosperous economies free from the criminal debt-creating influence of the elitist ‘one per cent’.  And we all want to enjoy a harmonious and common sense relationship of working together when it comes to major issues such as strategic transport links, food production, animal welfare and environmental protection and enhancement.

Unfortunately, and this will not be easy for many young Remainers to take on board immediately, the ‘European Project’, that eventually gave us the European Economic Community and which then morphed itself into being the much more centralised and politicised European Union, has a major part of its roots in Nazi Germany (please research the meeting on August 10th 1944 at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg) along with the elitist financial and criminal mind-set that steers the Bank for International Settlements. None of us want to see a European Union ‘Superstate’ run by an unelected and unaccountable centralising executive (the European Commission) backed by the fiscal power and support of the criminal and debt-creating ‘one per cent’. Those who have seen behind the elitists’ mask know for certain that the EU, in its present format, is simply an important stepping stone towards what will eventually become a world governed solely by the corporate-driven Deep State, with the proverbial ‘dark grey suits’ in total control.

And please remember that we were taken into Europe by a practising paedophile – and for those who say, quite rightly, that this was never proven in a court of law, the investigating police say the case against Ted Heath is absolutely overwhelming and, had he been alive today, he would have almost certainly been convicted by a properly convened and randomly selected jury. But the sad fact is that Establishment-led paedophilia, along with the appalling institutional abuse of children in the secretive and unlawful ‘Star Chamber’ Family Courts, continues unabated today amongst our governing political class – just research the appalling on-going case of Melanie Shaw and listen to the testimony of retired Metropolitan police detective, John Wedger along with the former very senior banker, Ronald Bernard.  This one issue cannot be avoided - we must all take our heads out of the sand: The Deep State murders, rapes and abuses children on a truly massive scale in order to keep its criminal and Satanic (for that is what it truly is!) power base together. The evidence for this is overwhelming… and we’ve only ourselves to blame!

But the greatest threat now for all of us is the increasing misuse of everyday technologies dreamt up by the ‘one per cent’ in order to undertake the total surveillance of our lives from cradle to grave. Along with the looming dangers of corporate-driven ‘Transhumanism’ and ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI)’, an Orwellian world of enormous proportions is sneaking up on a sleeping and trusting humanity at an ever-increasing rate. Every day we see people being increasingly hooked into the digital SMART way of doing things, not to mention being promised the ‘joys’ and ‘coolness’ of living in a cashless and micro-chipped ‘progressive’ society.

If people knew the proven truth about what is actually happening to all of us, the 99%, the heated debate about Brexit would come to an immediate halt with both sides coming together in complete agreement and harmony. It’s only our appalling ignorance, not to mention our collective apathy and ability to be distracted by today’s largely mindless ‘culture’, that’s allowing the Deep State and the ‘one per cent’ to get away with this complete and utter madness.

The time has now surely arrived when the ordinary and decent people of this nation - regardless of race, creed, colour or social standing - come together as one in a peaceful and lawful way, armed with the truth and with the proven solutions, in order to take back full control of the governance and financial affairs of this country. We will restore our God-given Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution whereby we, the people, are ultimately in control; we will restore our absolute right to create, issue and control our own debt-free and interest-free money; and we will expose and end, once and for all, the Deep State’s secretive and evil… and that is the right word to use… control over our lives and the lives of our children.

The Chartists are back!  Join with us and let’s wake up our families, friends, neighbours and work colleagues to what’s really going on and to what really needs to be done: www.newchartistmovement.org.uk 

Justin Walker

Campaign Coordinator for the British Constitution Group and New Chartist Movement

August 2018