21 Feb

We all know that there’s something seriously wrong with our country today and with those who are supposedly governing us. Everywhere you look, we are being scammed, deceived, defrauded and enslaved by an appalling system of governance, justice and finance – an Orwellian system of increasing centralised control that has been specifically designed to do nothing but deliberate harm to all of us whilst drowning the country in a sea of unnecessary legislation and unlawful debt.  

But the good news is that the Great Awakening has finally begun.  People everywhere are now starting to stir and to wake up to this totally corrupt system and to the shenanigans of our political class and what they’re doing to deliberately destroy the sovereignty, wealth and well-being of our nation.  But it’s not just our politicians who are doing this – they are simply the useful idiots… the puppets… who rubber stamp this treason and criminality.

Collectively known today by researchers as the ‘Deep State’, the hidden, unelected and unaccountable puppeteers, who are masterminding a global corporate and fascist future for each and every one of us, are based chiefly within the square mile of the City of London.With what we have now discovered, we are no longer going to accept the nonsense, the lies and the outright treason that come out of the mouths of our politicians from both sides of the completely contrived and artificial political spectrum as they attempt to defend and protect the completely indefensible.

Let’s not forget that all politicians are our elected servants – no more, no less. And let’s get one thing absolutely straight from the outset!  Parliament is not sovereign!  We, the ordinary people are! We are indisputably a Common Law country and as such a Jury of randomly selected people have the absolute right to annul bad and flawed legislation passed by Parliament… but a Jury is never told of this common sense safety valve to prevent tyranny from emerging because the judiciary has become completely corrupted by the Deep State. Indeed, a very large number of completely innocent people are currently being defrauded of billions of pounds and made bankrupt in corrupt courts overseen by judges, lawyers and accountants who know full well what they are participating in. The Deep State system of control is rotten to the core and the British people need to mobilise fast to overthrow it!

Particularly as we now have an increasingly angry and divided country, especially where Brexit is concerned. The whole Brexit leaving process undertaken by our political class has been nothing but an exercise in Deep State manipulation and obfuscation to unlawfully overturn the clear democratic decision of the British people in the 2016 Referendum.  And this is particularly frustrating when you realise what is the real reason for the existence of the European Union and how it actually came about. 

The European Union was, and is, the creation of the Deep State.  It has its roots in Nazi Germany (as the meeting at the Maison Rouge Hotel in Strasbourg on August 10th 1944 clearly shows) and its ultimate goal has always been to create an eventual European Union Superstate by slowly and carefully denuding its member nations of their individual sovereign rights and by giving those rights to an unelected and unaccountable Commission – the perfect soviet/fascist model! The European Parliament is deliberately designed to be just a powerless talking shop whilst our police and armed services are being unified in 2019 into becoming a new and aloof European Union Superstate security system which will keep the people of Europe locked into this Deep State Orwellian vision of the future.  Do those good and decent people standing outside Parliament draped in the blue and yellow-starred flags realise what they are really advocating?  We all want a peaceful and prosperous Europe – but let it be a Europe that is a natural patchwork of free and sovereign countries which enjoy free-trade and which work in complete harmony over important strategic issues such as transport and the environment.

But the real elephant in the room is that we have all been deceived and programmed into allowing a handful of psychopaths to privately control the world’s money supply through a central banking system that includes the Bank of England and which is led by the virtually unknown Bank for International Settlements (BIS). Deep State economic orthodoxy tells us that there has to be in place an invasive and highly complex direct taxation system in order to raise the necessary revenue needed for government expenditure. And when government-planned expenditure is more than what is received through our taxes, we are then compelled to borrow the difference - the deficit - from the Deep State-controlled private financial sector where money is created completely and fraudulently out of thin air as debt.  And this, in turn,then increases our National Debt which currently stands at well over £2 trillion.  It’s all madness!  It’s all about control!  And it’s criminal! 

The solution to all of this is simple…and deadly to the Deep State!  All sovereign nations in the world have the absolute right to create, issue and control their own debt-free and interest-free money through their treasuries that is based entirely on their actual wealth and labour potential (creativity).  It’s simple and it’s effective…and it’s been done before in Britain with the 1914 Treasury Bradbury Pound which saved the British economy at the outbreak of the First World War (the technical term is M0 at 100% but money reformers call it Sovereign National Credit).

So, to put right our country and to heal the divisions, the poverty and the angst (and we haven’t even mentioned the appalling child abuse and child trafficking that the Deep State is heavily involved in), the burgeoning Yellow Vest people’s movement must join with those of us who are already working to collapse the Deep State by championing our ancient and thoroughly proven Common Law Constitution.  To achieve this, the New Chartist Movement has drawn up The Six Requirements.  They are:

  1. The restoration of our ancient and proven Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution which empowers the ordinary people to have complete authority over our politicians, lawyers and bankers thereby removing from the latter their current unlawful powers to punish.
  2. The creation of prosperity for all by restoring debt-free and interest-free Treasury money that’s based entirely on the wealth and labour potential of our nation – in other words, by bringing back the extremely successful 1914 ‘Bradbury Pound’.
  3. The immediate cessation of all abuse and harm to children along with protecting, through the use of randomly selected Juries, the Common Law rights of parents and the family unit.
  4. The assurance that there are the sufficient numbers of Police and Armed Services needed to guarantee the sovereignty and protection of our country from all those who wish us harm.
  5. The shutting down of the hidden and alien system of legal governance that currently uses outright fraud, deception and entrapment to micromanage people’s lives unlawfully.
  6. The absolute guarantee that science is always used for the common good and for the well-being of all and not the few.

Please, everyone reading this, don’t hesitate, join us and let’s unite the country behind these Six Requirements – we are, after all, the 99%!