The 2019 Big Push to Get the Truth Out - We Need Your Help

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December 1st 2018

Dear Friend and Supporter,

There is no easy way of disguising this email to you - we’re sorry, but it’s an urgent begging letter so as to ensure that we have the essential funds and resources needed to steer and advance our campaigning ideas and actions for the BCG’s New Chartist Movement in 2019.

And what a year 2019 is setting up to be. We all know that we are now effectively at war with the hidden and secretive Deep State. We know largely who they are; how they operate; and what they are planning to do in order to further distress and break down the sovereignty and well-being of our country. And we also know that these criminal globalists are even more hell bent on quickly achieving their ultimate and pinnacle goal of corporate global governance, especially as this hidden agenda is now becoming more and more obvious to an increasing number of ordinary people around the world.

However, there are some defeatists who now believe it’s all too late and that there’s nothing that can be done to reverse this Orwellian process towards corporate fascism. They believe that the deliberate dumbing down of our country…especially amongst the younger, high-tech, gadget-loving generation where the levels of ignorance and apathy appear worryingly high…means that the struggle against the Deep State is already lost. To those who genuinely believe this and have given up, we say dig deep, find your courage and stop surrendering your God-given sovereignty to mere criminals! We are, after all, the 99%!

Yes, it’s true that the overall picture doesn’t look very good. Certainly, the everyday lives of all of us are changing rapidly for the worse – not only do we have thousands of legal (but unlawful) statutes and acts micro-managing our lives contrary to our ancient Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution, but we now have to endure the surveillance and control of ‘SMART’ meters, ‘SMART’ motorways and ‘SMART’ cities, not to mention the roll-out of 5G and Artificial Intelligence with all their inherent dangers – the Orwellian nightmare we’ve long forecasted is here! And if that’s not bad enough, the deliberate lack of liquidity in the economy that results in extremely damaging ‘austerity measures’ is still resulting in an increase in the use of foodbanks as millions of impoverished families struggle to keep their heads above the water. But the most worrying aspect to what’s now happening – and we have played a major part here in helping to expose this - is the planned loss of our nation’s command and control over our own Armed Services as Military Unification with the European Union has been secretly signed off to take place in 2019. If you don’t have control over your Armed Services to protect you, you are no longer a sovereign nation.

But what’s happening to our country is, of course, all planned and deliberate – it’s all about maximising disorder and division whilst breaking down the security of the family unit and the reassurance and reliability of our supposedly trusted national institutions like the Civil Service. We’re now witnessing completely contrived chaos in the Brexit process. The day after the 2016 Referendum, most of us knew immediately that the Deep State controlled political class in the Westminster Bubble would deliberately complicate, frustrate and derail the clear decision of the British people. We’ve all seen the blatant treason, deception and criminality being practised by our elected servants in Parliament, not to mention the Judiciary. But we also know that they are just puppets to the criminal financial and legal system that’s been created by the Deep State. The breakthrough to ending all of this madness and destruction to our country will only come when we can get the British people to finally look upwards and to take a long hard look at the actual puppeteers themselves who dwell in the City of London, Basel in Switzerland and even the Vatican itself.

For those of us who have actually looked up and seen the Deep State puppeteers, we know that we are dealing with a secretive and indeed Satanic cabal of extremely powerful corporate, financial and ‘spiritual’ globalists who are, without question, the primary cause for all of humanity’s pervading and lasting troubles.

To date, this cabal has only got away with their blatant criminality by being able to control the output of the mainstream media and academia and by ‘influencing’ our elected servants through the use of bribery and blackmail!  But the cabal’s best weapon to use against us is simply ‘divide and rule’.  This year alone we’ve seen a myriad of new but ill-informed political parties and campaign groups created which will only increase the division, confusion and deception amongst the ordinary people of this country.  It is ONLY us who have connected all the dots and have the full picture about what’s really happening to our nation – a full picture that has resulted in the creation of The Six Requirements which must now be taken before the British people in the quickest and most effective way possible so that the Deep State loses its power over us.     

To achieve this our campaign team have been very busy over the past year:

  • Building a comprehensive supporters’ database and starting local groups of activists.
  • Operating the Plymouth office - receiving calls and responding to a huge volume of emails (Eddy and Justin receive well over 200 emails a day).
  • Writing the content for the New Chartist website - not only the campaigning material but also compiling the research resources needed.
  • Campaigning - letter writing, contacting and challenging our elected servants.
  • Driving to events to challenge politicians such as with Leave-Means-Leave in Bolton and Torquay and the Labour Party Conference in Liverpool.
  • Giving talks and doing interviews.
  • Designing and doing typographic work (logos etc.) along with writing and composing information leaflets.

Already for 2019 we are planning:

  • A nationwide campaign to embarrass the BBC into holding live televised debates on the major issues that are being deliberately suppressed, including having ‘Truth Pickets’ outside Broadcasting House in London and Media City in Salford.
  • A carefully planned ‘happening’ in Parliament to embarrass the politicians into publicly admitting the existence and advantages of the Treasury-issued debt-free and interest-free Bradbury Pound.
  • For Eddy to stop being deskbound in Plymouth and to travel around the country encouraging the setting up of new Chartist groups which will then actively promote The Six Requirements within their local communities.
  • To bring Brexiteers and Remainers together by exposing the Deep State’s criminal involvement in the establishment of the European Union and what it’s really about.
  • To actively promote like-minded campaigns and to support them in their work.
  • To continue to support the victims of organised Establishment-led child abuse and to see justice done for people like Melanie Shaw.
  • To bring people together with The Six Requirements by breaking down the completely contrived political spectrum and the artificially created divisions that keep the Deep State in power.

To make all of this happen, we will need appropriate funds and resources.  At the time of writing this letter, we have just £380 in the kitty.  We’ve never had more than £2,500 at any one time, preferring instead to see donations used immediately to get the truth out.  Our Deep State funded opponents, who are there to deceive and bamboozle the British people with lies and distortions, enjoy the use of nearly unlimited funds – it really is David versus Goliath at the moment.  We don’t need their sort of funding to be effective, we just need to raise a minimum of around £10,000 to get our 2019 campaign up and running.  But obviously, the more money we have, the quicker we can get the suppressed truth out to the British people.  

If you can help us to really get things moving - and we are the ONLY campaign which has the ‘Big Picture’ and the proven solutions to bring down this appalling Deep State - then please donate whatever you can by going to...

We give you our word that every penny given will be spent wisely and carefully.

Thank you

Eddy Elder, Brian Gerrish, William Keyte and Justin Walker