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May 2018 Funding Letter from the Campaign Team:

Dear valued friends and supporters, 

Sorry, but this is a very simple and direct begging letter.  

Even though we are the only grassroots campaign in Britain today that’s both exposing what’s really happening to our country whilst providing the proven solutions needed to put an immediate end to the long-planned tyranny that is now rapidly unfolding, we currently have in our campaigning coffers around £500!    

We are being told that a new centrist party, backed by Tony Blair and his son Euan, with a £50 million campaign 'war chest', is being readied to burst onto the British political stage to kill the Brexit process stone dead ( political-party.html). 

Such a party, possibly led by someone like David Miliband, could become so popular that enough 'wet' Tories might be tempted to 'cross the floor' and so trigger a General Election before the end of the year. In other words, they would like to copy what Macron did in France with his pro-EU En Marche party.

And this probably explains the sudden 'anti-Semitic' outburst that has rocked the grassroots of the Corbyn campaigning bandwagon as civil war appears to have broken out in many local Labour parties. 

Everything that we are witnessing today has all the hallmarks of the Deep State/Shadow Government as it desperately seeks to overturn the 2016 EU Referendum and so keep the British people enslaved to the ‘European Project’ that was created by the mind-set of the central bankers as a key stepping stone for their vision of corporate global governance on their Orwellian terms. 

And what of the Brexiteers? UKIP has now become an electoral joke in the general public's eyes; Boris Johnson is looking increasingly less popular and capable with his handling of the completely contrived Salisbury-Syria Deep State crisis; and the increasing popularity of Jacob Rees Mogg will simply divide the Tories enough for a sizeable minority to leave and to join this new centrist party. And no one will be going anywhere near the truth about what's REALLY happening... except for us in the BCG inspired New Chartist Movement. 

Our Six Requirements are simple ( Once people are made aware of the truth about money creation and money supply; once they understand how our ancient Common Law Trial by Jury Constitution is being deliberately airbrushed from the public's consciousness; and once they see and understand how children are being deliberately abused to advance this Deep State agenda, then, and only then, will the British people stand up to the controlling and criminal 'one per cent' and stop all of this madness. It's desperate that the Chartists be allowed to get the proven truth and solutions out into the public arena before the planned Orwellian takeover becomes a reality.

And what of our resources to do this?  They are presently minuscule - over the last two years, we've never had more than £1,500 in the bank at any one time for the British Constitution Group/New Chartist Movement to achieve things. 

Yet during that time we created the very successful Winchester Declaration (which is our ‘line in the sand’); we organised the Great Moot of Nottingham, along with some other smaller gatherings, to bring people together; and, by pooling research, experiences and ideas, we have come up with the New Chartist Movement campaign initiative.  

If anyone wishes to know how we use people's donations, we will tell you...we have absolutely nothing to hide – we always believe in the simple adage “minimum resources – maximum effect!”.

So, we’re shaking our begging tin again!  We immediately need around £10,000 to really get our nationwide 'Truth and Solutions Campaign' up and running. This will enable us to organise and advertise Chartist events up and down the country whilst creating and buying campaigning materials such as badges, balloons and leaflets.  Our small office in Plymouth with the UK Column, which is presently the hub whereby we bring people together whilst at the same time helping victims of the ‘system’, needs a minimum of £600 a month to keep it going effectively. 

We realise that everyone is under a lot of pressure at the moment, but please give what you can today by clicking on this link:  And it’s not just about money, if you have skills, or access to resources, these are extremely important as well.  And if you don’t like using the internet to donate, our postal address is: British Constitution Group, Suite A2, Phoenix Mill Business Park, Plymouth, PL6 7PY.  Please make cheques payable to the ‘British Constitution Group’.

If we are to be the alarm clock of democracy that finally wakes people up to the ‘big picture’, we need enough money and resources to be able to do this.

Thank you all very much indeed for your support so far, 

Justin, Eddy and Brian

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