Please get involved

The success of the New Chartist Movement can only be guaranteed if we ALL play our part to get the proven truth out to the people as quickly as possible before it all becomes too late. Failure to do so will see tyranny prevail and our whole society transformed for the worst. George Orwell’s 1984 is coming!

The time is now right for all of us who are awake to forget about our supposed differences, divisions and disagreements and to climb out of our ‘belief’ boxes and come together as a loose campaign to quickly and effectively expose what’s really happening to our country - all united under the co-ordinating banner of the New Chartist Movement.  

We don’t need charismatic leaders; we don’t need egotistical ‘wannabees’; and we certainly don’t need political careerists – we just need persuasive, dedicated and clever activism at local and regional levels to get the simple and proven truth out to the ordinary people in the most effective ways possible and so break down the collective ignorance that keeps us all from seeing what’s really happening to us.  Only then can we quickly build the numbers needed to peacefully but determinedly stand up to the fraudulent, treasonous and tyrannical system of political and financial control that the governing ‘one per cent’ is putting in place to control us all.

For this to happen and for the New Chartists to become a mass movement very quickly that can’t be ignored, we are now asking for you, your friends and other fellow activists in your area to come together in informal, non-hierarchical but effective local campaigning groups.  Our collective objective is quite simple – to completely dominate the political environment and the media airwaves in such a way that enables the proven truth to finally take central stage.

These New Chartist campaigning groups are needed to:

1. Set up information stalls and hand out leaflets and talk to local people about what’s really happening to them, their families, their communities and their country.  Visit local councillors and people working in police stations and other public places and gain their support – almost all of them have absolutely no idea what’s happening and how they are being used to impose and sustain an unlawful system of governance.

2. Engage with the local media (newspapers, radio, television and digital) and make their editors and reporters fully aware of what’s really going on.

3. Actively seek out and peacefully confront dubious mainstream politicians with difficult and searching questions about their apparent reluctance to support the restoration of the debt-free and interest-free Treasury issued Bradbury Pound; their participation in the deliberate destruction of our country’s ancient Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution; and their possible involvement with, and cover up of, appalling institutional child abuse.

4. Record on film the reactions of these politicians when confronted with these searching questions and to then post those videos up onto popular websites so that the British people can see just how ignorant, arrogant, cowardly and corrupt our political class has become.

5. Respond rapidly and deploy to situations where completely innocent people are either having their properties seized by bailiffs and court officials using fraudulent and unlawful bogus documentation, or their children are being seized by social services and police, again using unlawful and bogus documentation.   By publicly recording and peacefully confronting and hopefully outnumbering the system-servers, the aim here is to simply compel the wrong-doers to back down peacefully and to leave empty handed.

6. Completely dominate any election campaign being conducted by the mainstream parties as they deliberately set out to deceive the electorate, including peacefully but mischievously disrupting their electioneering and media publicity stunts.  After all, we must have some fun as well!

The BCG office in Plymouth will help New Chartist groups to spring up all over the country. And as money and resources are made available, we will ensure that all these groups are well equipped and are provided with all the campaign materials needed to run effective local and regional campaigns.  By the end of 2018 the momentum to get the proven truth out should be completely unstoppable – the 99% will have a voice at last that our political class and the mainstream media will not be able to ignore.

If you would like to help set up a New Chartist group in your local area, or would like to discuss campaigning ideas, please contact Eddy at or Justin at  If you would also like to make a contribution to help us in our work, please visit here: