Event: Nottingham Meeting - 18th March 2018

Come to the first meeting of the New Chartist Movement!


Sunday 18th March 2018


Canal House, 48-52 Canal Street, Nottingham, NG1 7EH

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Come and hear the following speakers:

Justin Walker, Tom Crawford, David Robinson, Michael of Bernicia, John Smith and William Keyte

This is an opportunity to listen to speakers who have the provable remedies to the problems that are blighting the people of these islands & everyone on this planet.

We are asking people from ALL different groups to join us, because when you're fighting your own individual battle you have very little power, but when we are joined as one, standing together as ONE! we can achieve our aims.

The list below are extracts from the requirements of New Chartists, and as you read you will see that your remedy lies within these six. There will be an open mic questions and answers.

The future for the people is in our own hands NOT in the hands of those who think they are masters.

  1. Restoring the supremacy of our Trial by Jury Common Law Constitution
  2. Poverty and Austerity be ended immediately
  3. Abolishing the secretive and corrupt Family Courts
  4. Armed Services and Police Service be shielded from cut-backs
  5. Fraud and deception of our Legal System be ended
  6. Real Justice in the Courts be Restored

Access: Please note! Those who have difficulty climbing stairs

The venue is on the first floor; unfortunately there is no lift

Download Poster: Here