Real Law is Truly Above Corporate Political 'Legal' and International Deceptive Rules.

No one should ever be above the Rule of Universal Natural Unalienable Common Law principles,
not a Tyrant Psychopath, narcissist or sociopath;
or a Bloodline Aristocrat;
nor a Global Feudalist;
or a creator, programmer and supporter of harmful and invasive Track & Trace and robotic technologies and weapons, such as, ‘SMART’ digital AI, GMO Trans-Human technologies, Synthetic 'Medicines', Bio/Chemical ’viruses’, Harmful Frequencies, Nanobots and other Bio and Weather Engineering Technologies, .. ;
not a Behavioural Mind Control Propaganda scientist, engineer and Change Agent;
or a Technocrat medical, .. scientist;
nor a ‘Legal’ Advisor, Corporation, Banker, Financier, Asset Manager or so called Philanthropist;
or a Censor, an International News Agency or the Media and Social Media Owners;
not a Pope, a CEO or Shareholder;
nor the Military, a Secret Service or Secret Society NGO Think Tank, Charity Foundation or Cult;
not a Religion, a Trust, a Public Servant Head of State - Commander-in-Chief Monarch, President or Prime Minister Legislator, .. ;
or the so called Executive, a Judge, a Bailiff, a Social Services Officer, a Doctor, Psychiatrist, a Sheriff or a Police Officer/Constable, Prison Inspector, Officer, Warden or Governor.. ;
not the Mafia and Organised Crime Syndicate Cartel Mobs, .. ;
nor the United Nations, NATO, IMF and the World Health Organisation, ..

The Global Corporate State has used the socialist, .. systems, .. to try to deceive good hearted innocent and honest people, especially the most vulnerable, into believing that the state truly cares and has their best interests at heart, that it is there to protect them, to help make their lives easier, take the decisions for them, share all the wealth and resources transparently and fairly and allow people to freely enjoy their unalienable rights and freedoms, .. unhindered, ..

Tyranny through Fear, Confusion and Chaos. 

The continued treasonous globalist common purpose partnership of the usurpation of all separations of lawful power and the centralisation control of all resources, especially if it's AI hidden control, the digital totalitarian biometric, electronic and bio-chemical Track and Trace Control Systems, being granted to the Global Banking Corporations and so called Public Servants, the politicians, Civil Servant bureaucrats, the military, Judiciary and Police Enforcement, .. Also, the digital identities, currencies, information, technologies, media, 'science', education, sustenance, health, care, capital, freedom of expression and movement, , .. that will also lack genuine honest transparency and accountability, are all part of a globalist strategy and policy agenda to create a Global Government, .. That would be and is a very dangerous position to allow and this is why proper individual Sovereign nations of wise sovereign people, that recognise, respects and upholds their unalienable natural and Common Law principles, personal sovereignty, rights and freedoms, .. through a written or unwritten constitution of natural Common Law principles, would be a safer position for the people and could allow as much independence, autonomy, defence, freedom, abundance and free trade as possible and could protect everyone from technocratic globalist tyranny and assaults, eugenics, murder and from digital slavery, ..

All people need free access to the land, food and other resources to help keep themselves alive, healthy and free and to be able to learn and gain their skills to extract and process resources and to trade, distribute and serve others with. Historically, even hunter-gathers may have learnt to preserve their foods, .. and keep some back for their capital storage for the 'lazy' days, when there may be a scarcity of food to forage in their territory, or when they may be feeling tired and unwell, ..

Capitalism, Socialism and Communism, .. has been misused by criminals over time, especially the imperialist ones, with regards to taking control (ownership), of most of the lands and resources, often through fraud, coercion, force and violence, including that of sentient beings and sometimes creating artificial scarcity and some of them have also caused pollution and harm to the lands, air and water , .. through careless and exploitative industrialisation, ..

In the Rule of Law, the Crown is supposed to represent God the Creator and Source of all natural things, including Divine Wisdom and our Cosmos, not a corporation or City State.
Our Sovereign Creator and Source is Divine Love, Truth, Wisdom and the Law.
The Law grants us free will but encourages us to be more conscious, honest, respectful and peaceful, aware, friendly, considerate and kind hearted with our behaviour and attitudes and cause or suffer no intentional harm, as with every action, thought or non-action, there will be lessons and consequences and these can be especially heavy and severe if any harm that is caused was intentionally and negatively or selfishly motivated.

As children of our Creator, whilst we are consciously connected and aligned with our Source, then we as lawful spiritual sovereigns, can help keep earthly justice, peace, fairness and abundance, .. through convening proper lawful Constitutional Conventions and Witan’s (wise Juries/Councils) in all our communities, in accordance with our natural unalienable Common Law Constitutional principles and we can all elect a Constitutional Commander-in-Chief, to help promote and up-hold the Rule of Law and help organise our local, .. communities peace, defence and security, …

The AD2001 lawfully invoked Clause, Chapter or Article 61, of the original and world famous Constitutional AD1215 Magna Carta, is also a universal natural unalienable and Common Law principle, that is available to everyone worldwide, for all of us to use, to clearly give ourselves lawful excuse, to help use this principle as a shield, to help defend ourselves against any tyranny and aggression, deception and corruption from unlawful globalists, corporations, bankers and media, 'government', Secret Service, Military and the Judiciary, Police leaders and Head of State Public Servants, .. who have breached the Constitutional Oaths and are committing Crimes of tyranny and treason and to use this Article 61 principle, as the reigns to help lawfully reign in and distress and distrain these tyrannical treasonous criminals and help restore the natural law principles and reach a peaceful and fair remedy asap, once and for all.