"For Spiritual Sovereign Warriors, Teachers, Networkers, Healers and Educators we must get more creative, get connected with Divine Wisdom and push on and help to inform and empower the 99-100% with natural and Common Law principles, truth and solutions, .. " 

We can all be sovereign and use our initiative and all do our bit to achieve our life purpose, wisely solve the problems we face and help get the job done. 

Many people in the New Chartist Movement like to get creative and like to write, or have started the journey of exploring their ability to write and try to express their thoughts and feelings with the words that they have in their vocabulary and have gradually developed this by increasing their vocabulary to express themselves in more rich, deeper, diverse, interesting and colourful ways and have developed their writing skills from experience, or observing others, reading books and watching YouTube videos, .. 

Also many people have explored ways of expressing themselves in other ways such as through painting, drawing, music, singing, poetry, speaking, photography, videos, presentations, dance, performane and acting, .. These are all things that can help improve our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and help us find inner peace, strength and clarity. 

One of our most urgent actions to take each day is to use our Divine wisdom, get active and creative with designing and producing posters or A5 or A6 leaflets, business cards, stickers, banners, booklets, t'shirts, hats, hoodies, badges and other clothing and accessories, .. that are attractive and eye catching and will help wake more people up, get them thinking for themselves, help undo any mind control and inform them of important and interesting truths, .. 

We can also encourage everyone to connect and engage with others more so that we can network more effectively. friendly, humour, courtesy and light-heartedness often helps.

This is an inspiring article written by someone who has now also written several books, https://davidicke.com/2021/02/08/the-indivisibility-of-life/ 

There are many different platforms to post your articles, poems, videos, pictures, music, .. on.

We have a new group on Telegram to help people connect, https://t.me/joinchat/TEkoq8y5fH7wwshc