Open Letter to Tommy Robinson and His Supporters

04 Dec

Dear Friends,

We all know that something is now dreadfully wrong with our country. Our judges have gone rogue on us.  Our children are being abused and harmed. Our Armed Services are being treated appallingly. The BBC is telling us lies.  And people everywhere are struggling to make ends meet whilst the bankers in the City of London just get richer and richer.  

What’s going on? Why is this all being allowed to happen? Where’s common sense gone? Where’s the Rule of Law gone? And why do our elected servants in Parliament just look the other way and do nothing?  

But the real question we should all be asking is this: is there a pattern to what’s happening to us and our country? 

Back in 1948, George Orwell wrote a futuristic book entitled 1984 – a frightening story of how a cabal of unelected and unaccountable psychopaths (often referred to by researchers today as the ‘Deep State’) seized power by removing the protection of our ancient rights and freedoms whilst telling us that this was all being done to protect us from a far greater evil. By using cutting-edge technologies designed for mass surveillance and monitoring, this resulted in a complete invasion by the Deep State into all our private and personal lives. Total control and blind obedience to the agenda of the Deep State was demanded and expected!  Sounds familiar?  You bet it does!

Today, we have overwhelming proof that there is actually a real and not fictional Deep State working in the background that pulls the strings of many of our leading politicians, judges, academics and journalists. Unelected and unaccountable, this ‘hidden influence’ of international big business and private central banking is now completely re-shaping and changing the nature of our country to the detriment of our ancient freedoms and our nation’s sovereignty. And why is this ‘influence’ able to succeed? Because we, the people, have gone to sleep. Ignorance and apathy now reign as we have allowed a popular celebrity-based culture of absolute trivia and drivel to distract us completely from what’s really important for all of us. Our servants have become our masters!

The Orwellian 1984 cell door of tyranny is about to shut on the British people and we have only ourselves to blame!

But how is this Deep State able to get away with what it’s doing? Well, it simply practices ‘Divide and Rule’ by creating opposing ‘sides’ to keep us all argumentative and side-tracked. It scams us with an expensive and grasping legal system that deliberately deceives and entraps the unwary! And it has created the scam of all scams - a banking system that is allowed to create money completely out of thin air as debt! When are we all going to smell the proverbial coffee and realise that unity with the proven truth can be the only way forward to save our country (and indeed the world) from this encroaching corporate globalism that is fascism by any other name?

Tommy has certainly helped in starting this process – but what’s needed right now is a collective ‘hymn sheet’ for all of us to sing from. The Deep State hates unity. The Deep State hates the truth.  And the Deep State hates people who have been empowered and emboldened to stand up peacefully but determinedly to blatant injustice and unfairness. 

With information from ‘insiders’ and brave whistle-blowers, along with over thirty years of careful and detailed research by a very large number of people, the ‘Six Requirements’ have been drawn up to go viral and so trigger a mass movement which will collapse the Deep State forever. Please go to:

What we have here are actual and proven solutions that will put an end to poverty and austerity; that will ensure real justice; that will support our police and armed services; and that will make life extremely difficult for child abusers.  

And when it comes to the abuse of children, Tommy has already highlighted the appalling treatment of Melanie Shaw – a victim of organised child abuse by Establishment-led paedophile rings.  It’s not just Muslim grooming gangs that must be brought to justice – if people knew the full extent of organised child abuse in this country and how little is actually done by our elected servants in Parliament to stop this abuse, there would be millions on the streets demanding action to protect all of our children. 

So please download the Six Requirements; get yourselves up to speed with all the suppressed facts and solutions the Deep State don’t want you to know about; and let’s get going as a mass movement - all coming together regardless of race, creed or social background. We’re all human-beings who just want peace, prosperity and happiness – a world where our children can play unmolested and where they have a REAL future free from the criminal actions of the Deep State. And a world where the politicians, bankers and lawyers are made to serve us, the people!  

Thank you,

The British Constitution Group and New Chartist Movement     

PS: URGENT ALERT: We have discovered that next year our Armed Services, despite Brexit, will be taken over by the European Union and will be locked into the decision-making processes of the European Commission. Go to www.ukcolumn/defence. It’s now more urgent than ever that we all come together to stop this. A country that cannot defend itself is no country at all.  The corporate Deep State of the City of London is taking over – now is the time to identify the REAL ENEMY!

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